Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another kind of helmet.

For months, we truly agonized over the decision to get Sabrina a helmet (DOC band) for her positional placiogephaly. I mean, agonized. How do you know if you're doing the right thing for your child? We met with specialists. We met with more specialists. We did tons of our own research. We looked at her profoundly flat head with concern daily. I yearned for her to grow more hair. I googled baby wigs and extensions.

As most of you know, we decided against it, for numerous reasons. One of those reasons being that of the many specialists we saw, not one felt we had to or even should do it. However, we continually questioned our decision.

And her head is still pretty flat. But she has more hair. The first specialist told us she would likely be about 15 months before we saw a signifigant improvement. And this woman hangs with flat heads, like, all the time. But I'm okay with it now. It will never be perfectly round, but it won't be the glaring beacon it was when she was an infant. Unless she decides to be a swimmer, and considering how much she loves the water right now that's looking a little too likely for my comfort. I guess I could look into those flower petal Esther William's swim caps. That should camoflauge the hell out of it.

At any rate, it seems ironic that we spent so much time and energy ultimately avoiding putting a helmet on her tiny little noggin when I am now considering getting her this:

Oh, what the hell is that?, you ask?

That's a Bumper Bonnet.

My once totally immobile, timid and mellow little one has turned into a temper tantrum throwing, body flinging, face planting little dare devil. As her pyhsical therapist today remarked, "it's all or nothing with her" and also called her an "envelope pusher." Because she's not satisfied with learning - and mastering - one skill. Once she does something, she thinks she can move immediately on to the next skill. News flash: she can't.

She's pulling to a stand every where possible, thinks flinging herself backwards to sit is fun (it's not so much fun on hardwood floors), and also thinks that holding on to things with both hands is seriously overrated. As a result, I spend the majority of my time trying to keep her from splitting her head wide open. I was hoping it would help my weight loss endeavor but I've yet to see substantial results.

The Bumper Bonnet is looking pretty good right now. Do you think people will stare if she wears it in the grocery store?


Aunt Becky said...

I am totally getting one for Alex. And maybe me.

Sandy said...

omigod I TOTALLY need one of those for my poor head. It's so huge I keep knocking it on things.

Lou said...

Aww, it looks so cute!

bess said...

Does she mind having it on? Sorry if I sound dense here, but is it just to protect her little noggin or is it one of those things that squishes it into shape?