Monday, October 12, 2009

No whores at my door, please.

I'm very concerned about the direction Halloween has taken in recent years. As someone who loves Halloween - loves the gore, the scare, the true essence of the holiday, this new direction is very upsetting.

I get that not everyone likes horror movies. I get that not everyone wants to dress up as a corpse or as something scary. I get that may not be appropriate for the little ones. So I totally get the cuteness factor that can be Halloween, especially for the little ones. I dressed Sabrina up as a hot dog last year. Might be scary to the vegetarians, but in general...not scary. I totally get costumes like this for the little ones:
The cuteness is almost unbearable. Parents of young ones should do this.

Even as they get older, still the real scary stuff is too much for them. I get it. So something like this? Totally appropriate for the elementary school crowd.

I got tons of catalogs for Halloween costumes this year. Most of them I enjoyed flipping through while Chris and I watched TV. Occasionally I'd lean over and show Chris a picture, "Oh my GAWD, wouldn't Sabrina be the cutest Flower?! Evah??" and he'd smile and nod.

But then, things turned ugly fast. Suddenly, instead of giggling softly at the cuteness in front of me, I was appalled. Seriously, appalled. And I don't appal (? is that a word? if not, it should be) easily. Because while I am familiar with the "Mean Girls" explanation of Halloween for the high school/sorority sector (throw on a negligee and some animal ears and call that a costume) and I know that the older girls do see Halloween as a way to dress like a whore without being accused of being an actual, um, whore....I was blissfully unaware that this trend had hit the elementary and junior high school sector. Until this year. When I saw these:

This slutified lovely ensemble is even called "Devil PRE-TEEN Costume". Pre-teen, folks. We're talking 10-12 year olds. In 10 years am I going to be looking at Halloween catalogs, turn to Chris and say, "Wouldn't Sabrina make the cutest slutty devil?!"

I'm taking a stand against this shit this year. I'm tired of girls thinking they need to dress provocatively at a young age. I'm tired of parents allowing this. If you're daughter says she wants to be a referee for Halloween, then she should be wearing black slacks, and a striped shirt ala Foot Locker. Not this:

So this year, I will not be handing out candy to the slutty costumes. Please join me in this crusade. If a young lady shows up on your doorstep wearing this, please educate her that Alice in Wonderland wore a knee length dress that did not show cleavage, and flats, not stripper heels:

Just say no. No candy for the sluttified Halloween costumes.


Kelly said...

LMAO! Although I have to say that even those costumes are "conservative" considering some of the stuff my sister has worn for Halloween. Who knew thigh highs, a bra and some panties were a costume.

heidileanne said...

Here here! If we were going to be home to pass out candy I would say no to the "sluttified Halloween costumes." 10-12 year old dressing like whores? Umm, no thank you!

Jamers said...

Remembering the Halloweens I spent at UCSB, I saw waaaaay too much of this, but at least it was from the 18+ crowd (well, for the most part anyhow). It is very sad to see such costumes for preteens. WTF?!

Hazel said...

I was watching Regis and Kelly this morning and they were discussing a newspaper article that talked about this. I didn't really pay attention so I don't know which paper it was printed in.

Those costumes are not age appropriate at all. And don't they look cold for trick or treating? Maybe I'm really out of the loop and preteens go to parties for Halloween now.

janessa said...

I will join you! It's scary, appaling and makes me want to avoid not only the teenage years but now the preteen years, too.

tvchiq :) said...

you are so funny--and correct...these girls who dress like that and call it a costume are so foolish...keep up the good work...

minivan soapbox said...

Should really come in a different section of the catalog, don't you think? Under the title - "Want to dress your sweet daughter as a whore? Turn Here!"

Anonymous said...

LMAO. You kill me. I will definitely join you in this crusade. Should we deem ourselves Moms Against Slutty Tweens??

Faith, the Authoress said...

I'd walk right up and b!tch slap the mom of a pre-teen who walked up to my door in that devil get-up. WTH.

Controlling My Chaos said...

I have been saying this very thing for years. It ticks me off. The really sad part though, is that the stores (and it's pretty much all the stores anymore) wouldn't be selling these slutty costumes if people weren't buying them.

Jonathan said...

I do know what your talking about.But, I think your going very severe about this calling them whores.And not giving them sweets.
Your being very prejudice about this."Whores" arent all girl thatwear skirts that are shorter than knee-lenght.
I just hate people (or parents I should say) that are keeping there children on leashes(not literally of course) and not letting them socialise.
You need to re-think your perspective on life, and to you I say:
.......('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
.........''...\.......... _.·´

Anonymous said...

well if you look back at yourself as a preteen you might recall how you wanted to look sexy (probably even WHORISH) but i would guess its more like now you are mid 30's parts are sagging youve put on "a few pounds" trying to get religion and feeling guilt,remorse,regret from your teen years and jealous because you dont look like that now. and lets not forget that punishing others for what we do or did ourselves always makes things better