Monday, February 28, 2011

February? You can suck it.

Sabrina turned 2 1/2 almost 2 weeks ago. I don't normally celebrate half birthdays but for some reason this one seemed significant. I had planned to take a bunch of pictures, write an eloquent blog post about how much she has grown and changed, and how much I adore watching her become her own wonderful (albeit fiesty) person. But that didn't happen.

Why? Because the plague invaded our household.

Sabrina was first. Cold symptoms. Fine. Fever. Fine. Oh, really high fever. Hmmm. Not fine. Oh, really high fever for several days? Not fine. Why hello there double ear infection! How's it going probable pneumonia?? Haven't seen you around these parts before!

Just for shits and giggles, the plague then decided to attack me.

Then Travis. Who is now in the midst of it. Which may or may not be just a cold, or a cold and ear infection or a cold, ear infection and pneumonia. Stay tuned on that one.

Which means Chris and I are about to lose our minds. Sick kids in our house equal asshole kids, and it's been nearly two weeks of screaming and crying. The kids aren't being quiet, either. They don't feel good, it's frustrating that we can't help them, and they aren't sleeping. Sabrina was up constantly with her high temp, and as soon as she went back to sleeping through the night, Travis started waking up. Literally the same exact time. And I can't sleep because of my cold. And neither Chris or I can sleep anyway because we both have major work stress on the brain.

We need some motherfucking Calgon. STAT.

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