Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's all about the shit.

If you noticed in my top ten things I didn't think I'd say post, I had a lot to say about potty training.

Sabrina still isn't potty trained. She'll be three next month. Honestly, I'm surprised she's not trained. She was ready and willing to use the potty. The first day she decided to use the potty? Was her first day of preschool! Yay! Oh, wait? What else happened that day? Travis was admitted to the hospital with suspected meningitis and I was just a tad distracted.

Over the next several months, she'd show interest here and there but I really wasn't interested in pushing it. Then - the regression happened. Where she had no interest in the potty at all. Because? She's a baby. Babies wear diapers. Babies also (in her mind) get more attention so she became totally fixated on that.

Eventually she became willing to sit on the potty again. And our luck, the two times in a row she sat on there she unexpectedly pooped. Now she's scared of the potty. Scared she's going to poop.

Oh, and in the meantime, she's decided she's a big girl and does not wear diapers. Only pull-ups. Which are about $0.50 each. Great.

Now I'm struggling to figure out how to cure her of the fear of poop. I have books on order. Once Upon a Potty, Everyone Poops, It's hurts when I poop (really hoping my employer doesn't track our google searches, that could be an awkward situation), oops I crapped my pants - I'm desperate.

Potty Watch? Check, does nothing. Except go off when it's not supposed to and irritate the fuck out of us. Rewards? Yup, she gets her M&M's. Crazy dance and cheering if she indeed pees on the potty? Yup. Big girl undies she's picked out herself? Sure.



UCL said...

When the fear of the poop happens, it is a huge setback. Our daughter held her poop for almost a week after the scared poop. Even now, she is pretty much fully potty trained, except for the poop. Sometimes she does it, other times we put on the nightly pullup and the poop happens within 15 minutes of that. It is the only process that I was informed by my pediatrician that I could not rush, because its the one area they can control fully. My pediatrician said child led potty training was the best and easiest way, and its worked with both my kids, except for the poop in my youngest.

Norman said...

It's true, you can not rush to potty trained your toodlers...but when they make it it's very rewarding..

Unknown said...

Try the towel potty training method.

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