Monday, January 12, 2009

Rolling...or lack of.

I'm pretty sure my daughter is going to skip that whole rolling thing.

She's rolled over (tummy to back) 4 times, on 3 different occasions. Earliest was 3.5 months, most recently last week. She seemed a little startled at the landing last week, but then started laughing really hard. So I started laughing really hard, too, and for some reason kept getting my laughing face really close to she stopped laughing and looked at me like, "Knock it off", so I did. But then she made her point that I had annoyed her by refusing to roll again.

Saturday we discovered she could sit up by herself. She was sitting on my lap, and just decided she didn't need to lean against me all, grabbed her foot to brace herself and just hung out. That's great. But that usually comes after rolling. A sign she's going to skip it...

The other sign is now when she's on her tummy, she's trying to crawl. Of course to a 4.5 month old, crawling means face planting, grunting and moving her butt up in the air repeatedly (this would have a whole other connotation if she was an adult) but the fact remains that she's no longer even remotely interested in rolling over, now she clearly wants to move forward.

Fine. I shouldn't be surprised, I never anticipated her to be one of those kids that rolls all over the place to get something she wants, she's really much more of a "Hey, get that for me" kind of gal, but does she realize this is not going to help her head at all? Didn't she hear the "once she starts ROLLING" conversation?

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janessa said...

J only started to roll like a week ago... and she's almost 7 months! She sits up and motors around, suddenly she's discovered she can roll, but isn't in love with it like she is with sitting...