Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crap. I was wrong.

It was IVF. The octuplets.

And, to make matters worse, the chick is bat-shit crazy, too.

So now when someone says something ignorant about how all these high-order multiples are from old women doing IVF, I can no longer stand there with my knowing grin and point out how wrong they are.

Because this woman just made that impossible. I’m pissed.

We, and by “we” I mean all infertiles but especially the IVF’ers, already have a hard road battling stereotypes, ignorance and just general rudeness. Situations like this make matters much worse, and of course, these are the situations that make the news.

We all felt this was an IUI gone wrong , although I personally leaned toward the opinion that she was probably taking fertility drugs without being under a doctor’s care. However, her mother is now speaking to the press saying that the 8 children are the result of IVF, a frozen cycle…the same way her other 6 children were conceived.

Yes, her SIX children.

Oh, and she’s unmarried, unemployed, and lives at her parent’s house. A 2-3 bedroom house. Her and her 14 kiddos, all allegedly conceived via IVF.

Supposedly all children are from IVF cycles, likely one fresh cycle produced a whole lotta eggs and she kept doing frozen cycles. Her mother said they didn’t “implant” (it’s not implant, people! It’s transfer! Huge pet peeve of mine.) 8 embryos, they transferred less but they split into identicals. Okay, so they transferred four? Four embryos into a woman that already has had 6 children? If the purpose of infertility treatments is one healthy child, please explain to me why the doctor agreed to transfer 4? Although it’s pretty sketchy that this actually happened. Yes, in some cases embryos have split into identical in an IVF cycle. I remember one instance where they transferred two embryos, they each split into identical – resulting in 4 babies. Quadruplets. The chance of that happening were something like 1 in 13 milliion. So, let’s say a doctor did inexplicably transfer 4 embryos into the crazy chick. I’m supposed to believe each of those split into identicals? I don’t buy it.

There’s a lot of questionable info out there, and really all we know is this chick clearly has some issues – obsession with babies, with ART, I don’t know. We know her mom is clearly uninterested in loyalty of any kind, and appears pretty damn resentful that her daughter and abundant offspring have all taken residence in her house, so she goes to the press and starts shooting her mouth off. Nice. But that’s really all we know.

But I’m still pissed.


Stefanie said...

She is soo soo crazy. Why would she do it? Is she a baby collector like some people collect cats? Or does she just want to be famous. Did you know that she has not one but TWO publicists?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if she even got this done in the US. What doctor would do that? If it is a US doctor, I hope they are put up for board review...immediately.

Anonymous said...

I herd on the radio that she is with Kaiser so now people are saying that Kaiser pays for it all and it cost her close to nothing which is why she did it. I'm not a fan of Kaiser but this is definitely NOT good press for them. The crazy bitch even has a spokes person. Where in the hell are they getting this money and if they have so much then why is she trying to make more off the kids and expecting donations? We are still struggling to have one (first cycle ended in a chemical PG) and this bitch now has 14? WTF?! I'm right there with you being pissed off. Not to mention those poor children, what kind of life are they going to have? And if there wasn't anything sketchy then she wouldn't be hiding from the press, that alone means she's guilty of something IMO!

Anonymous said...

They transferred six, just like with each of her other pregnancies.