Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Real Trainwreck.

I'm not sleeping well at night lately. Sabrina sleeps fine, but I have so much going on in my head, it won't quiet down long enough for me to get some much needed rest.

It's not the state of the economy keeping me up.

It's not the prospect of losing jobs, or not paying bills.

It's not my daughter's need for physical therapy.

It's not my utter alienation of my ailing cat.

It's those damn "real" housewives of Orange County, and despite my hopes that the most recent season's reunion would answer some burning questions, it did not. Not only do the questions remain, but now I have more questions. More concerns. At the top of my list:

Gretchen: I still am unsure about her. I simply cannot believe she was in it all for love, but at the same time, taking care of someone with a terminal illness is so not easy and so not something you sign up for just for money. Or is it? I'm not a gold digging whore, so I don't know. Then again, was she taking care of him? She seemed to be out and about quite a bit. This whole Jay thing is quite disturbing. Even more disturbing, how in the hell did he get Tamara's cell phone number? I see this constantly on the reality shows I'm obsessed with. That makes no sense, yet Gretchen didn't deny the conversation took place.

Tamara: At the end of last season, she started on the cosmetic surgery/maintenance route. So why does she look so much older this year? Her hair looks dry and icky, and her wrinkles are much more pronounced. Obviously sitting next to botox Gretchen (her un-moving mouth is disturbing on a whole other level) you're going to look older, but she looks so much worse than last season. Much bitchier, too, yet I have to admit, funnier.

Vicki: Are you still with your husband? Really? Because you clearly don't like each other. Let's give it up, shall we? It's painful to watch. Also, I'd like to know why in the Vicki Montage the greatest moment was ommitted - when she took a header on the concrete? Come on! Yes, the moment when she got hit in the head with the football was fanastic, and I appreciate it leading off the montage with that gem, but leaving out the fall was a travesty.

I don't have any questions for Lynn or Jeana. Both clearly have self-esteem issues. Hopefully this was Lynn's first and last season, a la the single chick with the massive boobs last season.

Thankfully I won't be without my real housewives drama for long, as the New York season has already started. And Bethany is skinnier than last season. How is that even possible?

By the way, I stole the picture off the internet. I'm not taking credit for it (clearly I didn't have a photo shoot with them), yet I don't remember where I stole it from so I can't credit anyone else. Kind of half-stealing, but my intent was pure.


Kelly said...

I missed the reunion show...and a couple episodes too *gasp*. But I have to say I think I might actually like the NY wifes better...something about them is just so....awesome! So thanks for the recap...I'm quite upset that they left Vicki's fall out of the was classic.

KandiB said...

I've seen the show a few times - enough to know what you're talking about.

I wonder what it would be like if it were "the real housewives of Seattle." They'd all wear organic cotton clothing and drive Prius's, and wear comfortable, yet expensive footwear, and argue over what types of plastic can be recycled. Probably not the same draw. :)

HeatherPride said...

I don't watch this show, and I think I'm glad. My DVR is already overloaded! I do have some co-workers addicted to this though.

Missy said...

I, too, am not sleeping well since the reunion shoW! So many questions left unanswered! I think they are a real mess!

Erin said...

I thought I was the only one staying up at night b/c of the housewives. Even the husband can't sleep. He was dying to know what my thoughts were on the Gretchen/Tamara/possible BF on the side issue. I wish I were making this up. NYC is a nice filler, but my OC gals are dear to my heart.