Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm just going to say it.

I don't typically blog about American Idol, even though I'm semi-obsessed with it (but nowhere near my obsession with super trash like Brett Michael's Rock of Love...3), but I can't resist.

I have a bone to pick with the Idol producers and/or Scott McIntyre himself. I'm not sure who to blame just yet.

If you don't know, Scott is "visually impaired." If you've watched even a second of the show, however, you know this. Because it somehow comes up all.the.time. Personally, I've questioned the visual impairment several times. In the beginning, his brother had to walk him on and off the stage and now he seems to flit about unattended quite often. That is suspect. I could say that I'm visually impaired, as without my glasses or contacts I am blind as a bat. Legally blind, my friends. Which I have mentioned several times while watching the show, to which Chris responds, "But you can wear glasses." Which is a good point, and proof yet again that he is the one with a beating heart in his chest in this marriage.

But last night, someone dressed Scott in pink pants and I think that was taking it too far. I don't believe for a second that he wasn't aware the pants were pink until right before he went on as he said when Ryan questioned him about the pants. We all know they take the contestants shopping and they pick out the clothes with the help of a stylist. I have a hard time believing that in Scott's case they took him shopping and just threw clothes into a shopping cart laughing about how silly he'll look and never be the wiser. Clearly that's the show's hairdresser's part to play. No, I believe they all knew what they were doing. That the (dumber) public WOULD think they dressed him in pink pants without his knowledge, feel sorry for him, and vote for him despite the fact that his performances have been average at best.

I don't appreciate being manipulated, Idol producers and/or Scott. Unless you're talking about Danny Gokey and his heartbreaking story of losing his wife at such a young age. Then it's okay, because I love Danny.

And before anyone suggests I'm going to hell or karma's a bitch or any of that for saying what I did about Scott's visual impairment, let me save you the key strokes. I KNOW. I know I'm going to hell, and I would probably care if I believed in hell. And in my experience, that karma thing never seems to actually happen to the people that clearly deserve to get bitten in the ass so I'll take my chances.


Sally's World said...

LOL...loved this post...gosh, I hope I don't get struck by lightening, but I thought the same thing...if he is blind, thats one thing, but using it for sympathy...bad...has no-one on the show realised this, or do you think they devised it?

Michelle said...

I have this horrible inner dialogue with myself regarding Scott. His performances are boring, his voice ain't that great and I have a feeling he will be sitting at the piano every single week. He could always stand in front of a microphone to mix it up, right? But then I go to feeling sorry for him when I have NO reason to. He is a talented guy who seems to have a lot of self confidence. Why do I feel sorry for him? Because he is lacking eye sight? I think the public feels the same way but will vote for him tons because if they don't they will feel guilty and feel like they are discriminating against him.
I love your blog!

KandiB said...

I kinda liked the pink pants! They weren't as horrible as some of the stuff they put those poor kids in. And, I agree w/Michelle - Scott isn't the greatest vocalist, a great piano player - yes...but Idol isn't a piano playing contest. I wonder if there's lots of "sympathy votes" too. I guess its good to know that America has SOME heart left in it :)

Shannon said...

Yes! WTF? A paisley shirt, a pin- striped coat and the pink pants. Separately a mess. Together? There are no words. I am glad that Simon finally criticized him. He may have talent as a songwriter/musician, but he is not America's next idol.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm so with Michelle there. I don't care for his voice but I feel like I should be all "YESSS!" for him because he has a disability. Manipulation, indeed.

(is it twisted that I totally want to make Danny feel all better? Because I totally do)