Wednesday, March 18, 2009

They are like vultures.

If you've ever worked in an office, you will surely understand this vent. If you don't understand it, but have worked in an office, I am probably talking about you, and you really should adjust your behavior.

Today is someone's last day, so another kind co-worker brought a dozen of these:

A very sweet gesture, especially considering these were some fancy-ass cupcakes and the person leaving loves her some sugar. We all checked out the cupcakes, discussed where she got them, smiled and nodded and went back to our respective cubes. As would be appropriate behavior given a) that it was 8:12am and a little early for a cupcake and b) they were not our cupcakes to touch and take and c) co-worker was not offering cupcakes to the masses just yet.

Then, apparently, word spread throughout the office.

By 8:26am, people I haven't even seen in weeks surfaced and hovered around the cupcakes, which were placed on departing co-workers desk. So not only does she have to endure the constant intrusion of people she barely knows hovering over her and stopping just short of drooling on her cupcakes, but now she's clearly obligated to offer them some because they will not leave otherwise.

Some even brought a knife to the occasion so they could cut their own cupcake.

Instead of hanging back politely and graciously accepting the quarter cupcake (these are some big mo-fos) that is offered to them, the vultures decide to start poking at each cupcake until they find one they want to sample. Cut off a hunk and stick it in their big mouths. But they're not done. Now they need to talk about the cupcake they're eating with their mouth full, all the while spreading cupcake crumbs all over departing co-worker and her workspace, and selecting the next cupcake they want to sample.

One even had the audacity to say she couldn't taste the cupcake she tried because she has a cold so she needed to try another one. One with a little more depth of flavor, apparently.

Once they've had all the cupcakes they can handle, they wipe their hands on their pants and leave. Some mumble "thanks" through their cupcake, others just leave.



Michelle said...

What is wrong with people??? We put on trainings for teachers and have the meetings catered. One man wanted to take an entire platter of left over food with him before we, the staff hosting the training, had even eaten the food. Another lady made herself 3 plates of food, covered in napkins to take home. People are so greedy and rude.

the mama bird diaries said...

Evil cupcake stealers! Some people have no manners.

HeatherPride said...

That is classic! If it were my last day I'd post a huge sign at my desk saying "KEEP YOUR FILTHY MITTS OFF MY CAKES" and call it a day. Who cares, it's her last time around most of those schmucks!

KandiB said...

This happens ALL the time at my office. Especially after you have food at a meeting. It is CRAZY. We have one gal who takes a tiny bite of every donut on the platter. "I don't want a whole one...I just want a bite of several to taste them." Waaaa??!!! Take one or leave it for someone else. Grrrr.

Sasha & Mark said...

LOL! Wow-- definitely classic "office" behavior! NBC should take note! On the plus side anytime we have candy or desserts we want to get rid of, I just set it out and let the vultures get it. Ice cream cake put out at 8:30 am, gone by 9!

Jamers said...

I'd say that were funny if only it weren't so damned true.

There was a birthday celebrated in my department today and someone just *had* to come over with a pointless comment right after the cake box passed her desk down the hall. Gee, nosey coworker from another department. Would you like a piece of cake? Do you even know the birthday girl's name?

Sally's World said...

bloody cheek...i would have stood guard by said cakes and monitored eating and amounts..maybe devised a ten question quiz about leaving co-worker to qualify their right to a cake! some poeple just want something for nothing...sad...

Missy said...

Cup Cake Hell! You gotta hate it!