Thursday, April 23, 2009

Too green for me.

I'm a busy girl.

I have a baby, work full time, take care of our new house, keep up the the Joneses...I have lots going on.

As a result, I don't have much time for hobbies or, frankly, causes.

One of those causes being the environment. Don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-environment. I just don't obsess over it. It's not like I'm running around cutting down trees and spraying Aquanet into the atmosphere. I recycle. I'm conscious to do things for the environment, but I'll admit, if those things go outside my comfort zone, I'm not likely to make that big of an effort.

Like environmentally friendly cleaners. Check! Easy. Mostly because I love the smell of the Method products (who doesn't want a kitchen counter that smells like lavender?) I recycle. I don't buy bottled water. I do some other things but I can't remember them right now. I make somewhat of an effort, I just don't make it my whole life.

So please. PLEASE. Do not try to force me.

You see, my office has been inundated with our new totally green movement. We already do a lot of green things (we're planting a veggie garden for crying out loud) so at this point, it's turning extreme.

And now, I'm affected.

They have taken away our plastic forks and spoons.

Look, I know using regular silverware is better for the environment. I get it. But I happen to prefer using plastic utensils to eat my yogurt and my lunch. I don't want to use the community silverware provided that was clearly brought to the office and donated instead of putting it in the trash, which is where it belongs, because frankly, once a spoon has been mangled by a garbage disposal, it is no good. But that's what we have.

One of the greener girls, when she saw my irritation at my plastic utensils being taken away, actually said, "You know, like, I think people would want to use regular utensils, you know? Like they are way better than plastic."

Um, did you see what I'm eating? Does it look like I'd care?

I feel it's obvious I don't care about the natural (or health) aspect of my lunch. It's about convenience. And calories. And I would prefer to eat it with a plastic fork, which I now have to buy and bring to work. One more thing to remember in the morning! Thanks a lot, greenie!


Stefanie K. said...

Hmm...let me tell you why I think your work is just being lazy and sucky. :) office is also in the process of being more green. So, they replaced all the standard plastic flatware with Biocompostable plastic flatware by World Centric. A good compromise! Like, check em out, like. :)

Sally's World said...

LOL...there are just times you have to weigh up being green and making less washing up!!!

HeatherPride said...

Well the first thing that came to my mind was that at my office no one would wash their *real* utensils, and then the same three people would get stuck doing the dishes day in and day out, which would lead to a host of emails about kitchen clean-up followed by angry signs being posted above the silverware drawer and the sink which would eventually end up with either a rotating schedule for dishwashing or......going back to plastic. I can't wait to hear how this ends in your office.

Aunt Becky said...

I would totally dive in, head first. Like that kid on a Christmas Story.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Ok, that is hilarious. You are so gonna get in trouble for all that packaging. Also, I'd never really thought about communal silverware but...EWWWW.

WetPaint said...

Makes me wonder where you're from...because that really doesn't sound very extreme to me! haha, I've never worked anywhere where they provide disposable dishes...How have I ever survived?!

Maybe bring a set of your own cutlery and rinse it off?

Anonymous said...

I would guess your daughter will thank your efforts to try and leave the planet a little less cluttered with crap that doesn't biodegrade. Forget about the "green" movement and worry about what we are leaving behind for our children...the one you worked so hard at getting here. Stop complaining about another thing to remember, make some better habits and if time is an issue, spend less time blogging and more time washing your own silverware.

SmartAssMom said...

Ah, anonymous. It's hard to give a shit about what you post when you don't have the balls to identify yourself.

But thanks, I have made new habits. I'm bringing my own plastic forks and spoons now. Thankfully my one blog post a week hasn't interfered with that too much.