Monday, June 22, 2009

10 best things about my 10 month old.

Sabrina's 10 months old. Double digits. *sigh*

The 10 Best Things About Sabrina:

10. Her Pigtails (I love them.)
9. Her obsession with shoes.
8. Her bedhead.
7. How long it takes her to wake up from a deep's quite an event.
6. Her determination
5. Her giggle and belly laughs
4. How she holds on tight to us
3. Her sense of humor
2. Her smiles
1. The funny faces she makes all the time. Like this one:


Brakes and Gas said...

I love the idea of a monthly top-ten list! Sweet, memorable and manageable!

Missy said...

So, So Cute!

Sandy said...

Happy double digits! Why does the first year go by so fast? Oscar is 4 months old and I feel like I'm still waiting to go into labor.

janessa said...

OK, I was reading this, then scrolled down to her picture only to find that she was making the same face as I am right now!

Love it, love it! 10 Months! Congrats!

A Modern Mother said...

Way too cute! (BTW -- we are BlogHer buddies fromt he ads...)