Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My baby is two.

Dear Sabrina,

You've turned me into a walking cliche. I honestly can't believe it has been two years since you were born. The time has flown by, especially this past year as you've really developed into your own little person with a huge personality.

You are truly the light of our life. We smother you with affection and can't leave you alone for a second. Seriously, one of us is pretty much always touching you. So far, you tolerate it and have your very lovey days. You are so sweet and sensitive to others needs. If Daddy and I are sitting on opposite ends of the couch (as we should be because hello, that's where the recliners are) you'll sit right in the middle so that neither of us feels like you're giving the other more attention. If you give Papa a hug, you'll run and give Gramma one, too. You needn't worry about making us all feel loved. We don't care. We love you no matter who you sit by.

You are incredibly active. You're my little tom-boy girly girl and I love it. You want to use the hammer and screwdriver to fix things, but you must wear your pretty hat while doing it. You are constantly moving, unless the television has been able to slow you down for a minute. You aren't that into toys in general, they don't hold your attention long. Never have. You are very into moving, running, jumping on your trampoline (or the floor), spinning, sliding, swinging, did I mention running?, being chased, chasing, dancing...anything physical.

You absolutely adore the water. I have no idea where this obsession came from, but it's huge for you. You could spend all day in our kiddie pool, and it doesn't matter at all if it's cold out, you will play in the sprinkler for hours. I've taken you to Mommy and Me swim classes this summer. You had your days where you enjoyed the lessons, and days where you absolutely did not. They wanted you to follow directions and go under water, learn to kick, use your arms. You wanted to float. You wanted to play. You were still adorable so it didn't matter to me. Besides, you weren't even two. I think you did a great job.

Lately, you've expressed your desire to be a nudist. Unfortunately this isn't an option and Daddy and I insist you wear clothes outside of the house. This had led to you showing your strong personality (ahem, it's a nice way of saying temper tantrums galore) over and over each day. You also try to say that everything is "tight" so I'll take it off you. It doesn't work, but you give it your best.

Your tantrums are interesting. Once upon a time your tantrums were clearly anger. Now you meltdown and sob uncontrollably. It's very hard for your Dad and I do watch but all I have to do is look and notice you watching yourself in the mirror to see if you're looking pathetic enough to know that you know exactly what you are doing. Well played, my dear.

Also, lately it appears you're on some sort of diet that consists of eating only cheese or dairy products. Or, sweets. You've always been a great eater but are entering the picky phase. I hope you can survive on just cheese for a while, because you show no signs of planning to eat anything else. When you're finished with your cheese stick, you point to the plate and say "cheese". Even though you have at least two other options left on your plate you haven't touched.

You've taken to imitating people, mainly me. You have done an imitation of my walk with my big pregnant belly, you imitate me yawning and then laughing because I laugh at you yawning. You imitate me laughing all the time. You are extraordinarily funny, and totally on purpose. You have a bizarre comedic timing for a 2 year old. You want to make people laugh. And you do.

When you're out with me, people ask you if you're excited to be a big sister. You say, "yeah!". However when asked at home, you completely ignore the question. I don't know how you feel about the changes to come. I'm as nervous as you are. What I do know is that you will be an amazing big sister. You are so loving and kind, and I know you'll be protective of your brother and take him under your wing. He will most likely idolize you, as he should. You are that amazing.

As far as talking, well...not much going on there. We have words, several of them now, but we are starting speech therapy soon and I know you'll make quick progress. I am anxious to hear what you have to say. I already know you probably will never stop talking, which is fine. I also know whatever you say, we'll be laughing a lot.

As you turn two, I'm in awe of the person you are becoming. You're smart, personable, loving, funny, and sweet. You're determined and strong willed. You are an absolute joy (99% of the time) and the love of our lives. (200% of the time). We love you more than we ever thought possible. Happy 2nd Birthday my little love.



Ava said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Sabrina!

Bekah said...

How sweet! Happy birthday little one!!

GingerB said...

Awww, what a lovely letter for what must be a lovely little girl. I'mg glad you are writing to your child, I always mean to and instead I write of her. Keep us posted on speech therapy, will you please? I am considering starting it too, my daughter is about ten days older than yours so I'll be interested to hear of your progress.