Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Travis came home on Saturday, 9/11. (We seem to be really into significant dates with this one. First, 90210 as a birthday and now 9/11 as a coming home day.)

I have yet to upload any of his pictures but he looks much better without his IV in his head. Although the tape residue is still there, which kind of makes us besties already since I am constantly finding tape residue on my body somewhere.

He's doing really well. The first couple nights were rough, he was pretty damn fussy and if you know me, you know I don't really love the newborn stage in general and really don't love the inconsolable crying so I did start to panic some. But we started him on probiotics to help counteract the 10 days of antibiotics tearing up his tummy and they have helped. We seem to have blocked out any fussy stage Sabrina went through, but it's coming back to us in pieces. We're starting to remember the first 6 weeks or so with her weren't easy...whereas before we were just remembering from when she slept through the night on.

Speaking of Sabrina, she is loving "baby" or T as we're trying to get her to call him. Of course when anyone comes over she is overly affectionate and trying to get lots of attention, but she's been good with him even when he's crying or fussing. She is a ball of energy though and it's a little crazy to try and keep a handle on her while trying to keep him calm and happy.

It's funny, when we had Sabrina it seemed like SO much to care for a newborn. Now it's no big deal most of the time, it's the balance of the two of them that gets a little tricky. Like this morning Travis was fussing and I was holding him while Sabrina colored with markers. But for some reason she's now eating her markers so I watched helpless as she bit the top of her marker off because I couldn't get there fast enough...and the child does not listen to no. At all. It's a problem. Chris is home so I was able to yell for him to help, but what happens in a few weeks when he's back to work and I'm on my own? Is Sabrina destined to eat markers and have teal ink all over her mouth all the time? Probably.

Travis is actually starting to look a lot like his daddy, except for the blondish hair. He's losing his constant worried look he came home with, which is good because we were making fun of it all the time and there's just something wrong with that. He's not even two weeks old, we should probably cut him some slack in the making fun of him department. It's inevitable if you're a member of our family, but really, at two weeks old he shouldn't have to deal with it. We should wait at least a month before starting in on him.


Ava said...

Yey! Welcome home T.

You're about to give me a preview of what my life will look like in 2 months. I don't know if this will make me hyperventilate or prepare better. We'll see.

minivan soapbox said...

Congratulations on getting him home - and having a sense of humor about the whole thing. Sounds like y'all are handling it great.

A said...

Yay, Travis! I'm so out of the blog loop that I only just read he was born! Sucks he (and you guys) had to deal with all that crap, but so glad he's home with you now! Can't wait to see more pics! Take care!
PS: a little teal lipstick never hurt a girl... it's non-toxic, right ;o)

Kendra said...

So glad to hear he is home! Congrats and best wishes to the whole family...teal mouths and all! :)

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Yay!!! Welcome home T!!!!!