Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Diaper changes: A combat sport

Not so recently, changing Sabrina's diaper has turned into good practice for me if I'm ever attacked in a parking lot. I get to practice my defensive moves for every single diaper change. (Don't get me started on putting on clothes, that alone could qualify me for Ultimate Fighter).

A couple weeks ago, she decided to use the potty. Out of the blue. We've had the potty chairs in her bathroom for quite some time, and they've been ignored. Or glared at with disdain. By all of us, frankly. But one day after her bath, she just decided to use the potty. And the next day, decided to poop on the potty. And I thought, "Hey, this is great! She's potty training herself!" Which was great because I had really no idea what I was doing besides handing out M&M's. Not to mention, she decided to do this the week Travis was in the hospital, she started preschool and I had a little too much going on to diligently work on potty training.

The desire to use the potty seemed to disappear as quickly as it appeared in the first place. I showed her the big girl undies we bought months ago (during another time period when she acted like she wanted to use the toilet). She got all excited, smiled, said "hat!" and put them on her head like a beanie. The end.

I always ask her if she wants to use the big girl potty or wear big girl underwear and she says no. Except last weekend, she said yes. So she wore big girl undies, sat on my lap and peed on me.

I don't think she's ready. Maybe she is and I haven't jumped at the signs and been consistent enough but with her speech delay it makes it even harder to know if it's the right time or not. I do know diaper changes are hell. I do know she can use the potty. I do know that I go back to work next week and the time I'll have to be consistent with her at home will be limited and I can't ask her preschool or grandparents to enforce potty training if I haven't had any success myself.

So for now, we wait. And I continue to work on my bob and weave to avoid the kicks to the face during diaper changes.

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