Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 months

Dear Mister Travy-T,

Why does 5 months suddenly make you seem so old? I remember just a couple months ago when you were screaming and crying non stop and I just wished and wished time would speed up so and you'd outgrow the hell that was colic. Now I wonder where the last two months went.

I remember being pregnant with you and thinking you were just this chill little guy. My mellow dude. Then you arrived and you were far from mellow. But now that your colic is gone and your reflux is under control, we can see the real you. And you are my mellow little guy. I'm sure your grandparents might disagree since you still have your very fussy times and you're definitely not what anyone would call an easy baby, but you are my little observer. You laugh and giggle and smile that huge gummy smile that literally can melt my heart. You think your sister is super cool (she can be), you think your dad's laugh is the best thing ever (it is) and you seem to think I'm not too shabby as well (I'm not).

I can sing Twinke, Twinkle Little Star to you at any time and make you smile. Smile and laugh. It's our song. I have a small obsession with your feet, which is particularly odd because in general, I hate feet. But I love yours. You have my Irish (translucent) skin and you have the craziest hair I've ever seen. Your eyes are almost identical to my gramma's, and it makes me think of her often. You still hate tummy time, I think you have torticollis - not as bad as your sister had it, but we have to do exercises at home to help stretch you out, but you love grabbing your feet, my face and hair and you love having blankets or something to hold on to. You turn on your crib soother on your own and it makes you laugh. You've started trying solids, you hated oatmeal but seem to tolerate sweet potatoes. We don't make you eat them very often just yet. Your tall, and starting to outgrow your 6 month pajamas which means your 6 month clothes will be outgrown soon as well. You sleep well at night but are a lousy napper for most people, but I have faith that you'll grow into your own nap schedule within the next month or so.

I do feel like I don't have enough time with you. Between work and two kids there just doesn't seem to be enough cuddle time and that bothers me. I need a Travy day for just the two of us.

It took longer than I like for us to get here, but I'm positively head over heels for you and so grateful you came into our lives. I love you my little gorgeous guy.



Kimberly said... this. The last line resonated with me the most...when you said it took a while to get there but now youre head over heals in love...
I had postpartum depression and it took me forever and a day to bond with my son. But when it happened, it was the best feeling ever. I love my guy like crazy (no pun)

A said...

So sweet, and T is adorable- especially with his signature crazy hair do!

Anonymous said...

Sweet little lamb!