Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nipple Watch 2008

I guess you'd have to live in California to get the reference. During the winter months, the local news is constantly taking a tiny storm and turning it into "STORM WATCH 2008". Usually this results in reporters stationed all over the area, draped in their bright yellow, completely dry, plastic rain poncho, standing outside with nary a rain drop to be found.

That's how nipple watch feels.

We pulled out all the stops, are taking every precaution, getting every test and blood work we possibly can to help diagnose the bleeding nipples.

Everything was in place. We were making progress.

Then it just...stopped. Disappeared. No more bleeding. No more low grade temp.

But just as I was about to cancel her next appointment and round of bloodwork, it returned. So today we are off for an ultrasound for her boobies. A procedure even *I* haven't had. I've had many a vaginal or abdominal ultrasound (which kind usually depended on how much I alcohol I drank before, I joke, I joke!) but none for the boobs. Then more blood work but I hope to God this time it's just a heel prick and they don't have to draw from the vein.

We're hoping the results show what we think she has, which is Benign Mammary Duct Ectasia, a totally harmless (although incredibly rare) condition that arises as a response to hormones and will resolve itself eventually. Our pediatrician thinks this is likely the case. I should point out that our pediatrician talked to several specialists, all of his colleagues and reviewed a bunch of literature and yet I am the one that made this diagnosis and sent it to him. They should start paying me for the appointments. And I want my goddamn lab coat! Is that too much to ask?

I truly think that this is what we're dealing with and I'm not too concerned at this point. Right now I'm back to being totally fixated on her flat head.


Sasha & Mark said...

I think anyone who has gone through IF/IVF deserves an honorary medical degree!

sara said...

I hope it's just a heel prick and that it's the last for a long time to come. Yes, you do deserve your lab coat and your degree! ((hugs))