Monday, December 29, 2008

4 Month Update

Oooooh, I'm a terrible blogger. Know why? Because I haven't been at work much during the holidays. Hence, no posting. See a pattern?

Nipple Watch 2008 is officially over, as well as Sabrina's 4 month appointment. Good news on all fronts. The results of her ultrasound and bloodwork all point to the mammary duct ecstasis that I *ahem* diagnosed, which will eventually resolve itself and is nothing to worry about. Her 4 month appointment went well, she's in the 44th percentile for weight, high 30th for height and head. So smaller than average but growing great. She got all of her shots, which seriously sucked this time. The actual shots weren't too bad, of course she screamed bloody murder but stopped as soon as she was picked up. No, it was the next day when things got bad. Poor little love ended up with big welts on her legs, and was one fussy mo-fo. I ended up staying home from work to hang with her since she was in such a mood. Next day she was fine.

We of course brought up the subject of her incredibly flat head, but our pediatrician said it was nothing. He seriously said it was "nothing." Her head is clearly flat on one side. I mean when we say "her head is flat" no one gasps and says, "Oh, stop! It is not!" People just give us an uncomfortable grin. Or say, "my son-daughter-newphew-neice-friend of a friend's daughter's- head was flat but it filled out." We grilled him. "Are you sure"? I said as I pulled her to a sitting position, moved her head so that the flat side was directed at him, and pointed to it - "Right here, it's not flat?" He was adamant that it was nothing. I dunno. He was so incredibly proactive with her other issues that I have a hard time beliveing he would dismiss it if there was any problem, but at the same time, her head is clearly flat. I don't trust many doctors. Only two, actually. And he is one of those two. So for now...I guess we just wait and hope it rounds out once she starts rolling and crawling. Or grows more hair. Or gets a wig.

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