Thursday, March 5, 2009

Could you do us a favor, Nadya?

Last week I ignored the news story talking about how Vivid, a notorious producer of porn (notorious to those of us that read Jenna Jameson's "How to Make Love Like Porn Star", which I purchased from Amazon so as a result their suggestions for future purchases for me are a bit skewed) has offered Nadya Sulemen, the Octuplets mom, $1 million dollars to do a porno AND paid medical care for all of her kids.

I ignored it for several reasons. One, it was gross. I'm not anti-porn, but I am anti porn stars that have recently carried 8 babies. Didn't everyone see her stomach? That doesn't just snap back. Not to be overly graphic, but I'm not sure you could even see anything, to be honest.

But then I found out that the dear state of Georgia has a bill to consider in their General Assembly titled the "Ethical Treatment of Human Embryos" act, a bill so full of crap that would needlessly put endless restrictions on IVF to the point where the normal people, like myself, just trying to have a kid, probably wouldn't. You can read all the dirty details here, if you're so inclined. In a nutshell, if passed, the state of Georgia would dictate the maximum numbers of embryos transferred in any cycle, prohibit freezing of embryos and destruction of embryos, all the while maintaining their stance that infertility treatment is not covered by insurance. So they get to call the shots on something we pay for?

Apparently, according to the douchebag author of the bill, State Senator Ralph Hudgens, the bill was inspired by Nadya Suleman since the state of California is now going to be responsible for her 14 children's medical care, food and apparently housing since her home is headed towards foreclosure.

So instead of inspiring more bills like this one to pop up all over the country, I have a favor to ask, Nadya. How about taking the Vivid offer? Then you can support your children, their medical care will be covered by someone other than the taxpayers of California, and we can keep the uninformed, ignorant politicians away from my embryos.

You OWE us.


WiseGuy said...

You nailed it. It is so gross!

KandiB said...

I'm sure there are more than a few sickos out there who would actually enjoy watching her - blech.

There are lots of people who make stupid decisions - do we need stupid bills for each and every one? I could think of a LOT more situations that warrant government intervention more than IVF.

Don't get me started. GRrrr.

Sally's World said...

wow, interesting blog, but i feel a bit queasy at the thought of this...shudder!!!!