Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The playground...and pudge.

We made our first attempt at the playground this past weekend.

Sure, we'd taken her to the park before...but not to the playground. Not to where the other kids run rampant and seemingly completely unsupervised.

Good news is, she loved the swings, loved watching the other kids and had a jolly good time.

Bad news is, I find the playground to be very stressful.

Is it just me? Maybe it's our playground, but there seemed to be a disproportionate amount of children compared to the adults on premise.

And the few adults I did see were on their phones. Or texting. Certainly not oh, watching their children.

I watched a kid climb up to the top of the play structure, shimmy his way out onto a ledge, look around to see no one was watching (clearly he didn't notice me gawking at him), then leap several feet to the ground, nearly impaling several other children wandering around below. Where were his parents?

(NOTE: Yes, I watched the entire thing without saying a word. For one, the kid looked annoying and I wasn't going to get all concerned if his own flesh and blood didn't seem to care. Besides, I don't know the playground etiquette and what and appropriate response would be. I'm pretty sure, "Hey you little asshole, knock that shit off" isn't on the list of okay things to say, and that's all that popped into my head at the time.)

We of course took tons of pictures, because that's what new parents do. New parents also tend to take pictures of just the baby, and we've done just that for a good 7+ months. But recently, Anoop or Matt or one of the American Idol contestants that is NOT Adam, Danny or Allison and therefore forgettable, recently mentioned that all of their childhood pictures were of just them and as a result, they now hate taking pictures. Since I take everything Anoop says very seriously, I proclaimed that we need more pictures with us and Sabrina and we made an effort to get some at the park.

But then I saw this:

Rest assured these are not the only pictures where it was made abundantly clear that saying I need to lose weight and crossing my fingers has not been an effective weight loss strategy.

Our house is full of mirrors. Full of them. Mirrored closet doors in every bedroom, huge mirror in the bathroom. You'd think at some point I would notice my midsection spilling over my waistband. Is there such thing as reverse anorexia? I fear I may have it.

Sabrina is on her own in pictures until this is handled.


Kelly said...

First off LOL..if that's pudge than I'm...well...whatever.
Second, this sounds almost exactly like our first experience at the playground (and actually our date), except that the asinine parents were drinking tall boys of Coors light. Don't get me wrong a tall boy of silver bullet is amazing but I didn't know that having one in your hand at the park and keeping your kid from maiming other children were mutually exclusive...

KandiB said...

Mmmmm....silver bullets.

I second you on the playground thing. It seems like the volume for everything is on SUPER HIGH and there is chaos. Apparently its not as bad when one of them is your child...but it seems unlikely that I'll ever enjoy the experience.

By the way, blame it on the jeans. THey're poorly constructed. right?

Sally's World said...

oh please, thats not a tummy, mine would have got in the way of the swing!!!

i agree though, why are there always so many unsupervised kids in playgrounds, it has to be one of the most dangerous places!!! small kids too, i always end up picking up and comforting, washing the cut knee or hands of a total strangers child...i never never let my kids go unless i was there with a full first aid kit and mobile phone!!!

Lattes and Xanax said...

I think that was Steve and I with the tall boys...j/k (maybe).

The girls ALWAYS want to go to this park but I never know who the kids actually belong to and if they're being supervised. We sound like natzies, telling them "one kid down at a time" or "don't jump!" all the while other little critters are running around with snot coming out of their noses, no shoes, ruffled, sweaty hair with no boundries. I completely understand.

And you can't see a tummy in real life there, trust me. You look great!

the mama bird diaries said...

congrats on making your way around the playground. I deleted a picture just today b/c I looked like CRAP. :)

Aunt Becky said...

I saw a picture my brother snapped of me over Easter Weekend and I nearly chewed my tongue off. I knew I had some LBS to lose, but DAMN. I didn't realize I'd reached house-like proportions.

Nothing like seeing that to give my diet some motivation.

sara said...

That is so funny! There always do seem to be a crazy amount of kids running around the playground without anyone caring if they're doing dive bombs on kids below or pushing other random kids or anything. One of these days we'll have to take Brynn to the park and I'm sure I'll go into full blown mommy stress mode. Don't worry - I'll document it well so you can laugh at me :-) She is so cute in that swing!

HeatherPride said...

I know this feeling!!! My poor kids are going to think they were so unloved by their mother as babies because there are a gazillion pictures of them with their father but only a handful of me with them. It's because I hate the way I look in photos!!! Yuck. Who wants to remember that? Not me.