Thursday, April 9, 2009


Like my serious title? Yes, this is a serious post.

A popular blogger's daughter passed away suddenly yesterday. I didn't know (of) her until yesterday as it wasn't a blog that had made it to my reader just yet, but many of the blogs I read did know her and have posted some wonderful tributes to a life that ended far, far too soon. I don't want to post the link to her blog since I didn't know her and feel my doing so would be to satisfy morbid curiosity more than anything, and she deserves far more than that.

Despite not even knowing about her until yesterday, I'm devastated for this family. And, it's made me think a lot about this internet thing and how many amazing connections I've made over the past several years from my chat board to the blogs. Strong connections to people I have never met...many I will likely never meet since they are totally geographically undesirable.Some I have been fortunate enough to meet in person. Regardless, most I can call friends.

Being part of the infertility and miscarriage community, then the high-risk pregnancy crew, I have witness far too many losses of babies. I've cried with mom's who lost babies they carried for 20 weeks, sobbed with those who delivered sleeping babies and those who lost their angels before they had a chance to see a heartbeat. After my own loss, my biggest support came from the internet. From people I have never met, but had gone through the same experience. Or people that hadn't, but just offered unconditional support. Most importantly, I had an outlet where I could go on and on and on and to my surprise, people actually listened.

To be honest, I'm surprised I ended up here. I'm the person that called MySpace a place for "pervs and teenagers". I don't have a Facebook account (or page? what's it called?), I don't "Tweet". Not that I have anything against those outlets now, I just don't have time. But, I was one of those people that thought people that chatted on the internet were...weirdos. People pretending to be other people, sitting in the dark all creepy and odd typing away on their computer. The first time I posted something on the internet, it was a wedding site and my excuse was I was just getting info on how to make pocketfold invites (they came out fabulous, by the way). I wasn't one of those weirdos just talking about nothing.

Then I became one of those weirdos talking about nothing and everything and got attached to all my other weirdos. And here I am today, where my chat board and blogging is a part of my life. A good part.

To all my friends in the computer, thanks for always being there. I puffy heart you all.


Sally's World said...

my heart goes out to the family, i know what it is to lose a child and nothing is more heartbreaking, they have a long way to go, i hope they have support...

Aunt Becky said...

My heart is so heavy for them.

sara said...

That is so sad. I have to agree - I used to think the idea of talking or following along people's story's online was odd. But now some of the people I have met along the way I feel can relate to me an vice versa more than many I have known for years. When I was having all my contractions with Brynn and you typed that often a certain uterus that you and I seem to have could be resistant to tocolytics...I had to smile because I felt like "yes...she understands!" As boring or lame as that was like - yes, you've been there...done that and you know what I'm talking about. None of my friends that I've known for years knew what that was like. Yet you did. And some of the worries you feel for your daughter...yup - I hear you. Same boat. But for those who have lost one - my heart goes out to them. That's so sad.

HeatherPride said...

Yes, I followed the dad's blog and I was absolutely devastated when I heard the news. I couldn't sleep. It is heartbreaking. I am planning to wear purple on Tuesday the 14th as a tribute, even though I am far from LA!

I agree, blogging is a community and I am happy to be a part of it!