Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the neuroligst says...

She's pretty good. Now.

Last week was the much anticipated appointment with the pediatric neurologist and I'm happy to say, Sabrina checked out fine. She did say based on the report she had from the physical therapist and pediatrician from last month that she was anticipating ordering a MRI for "further radiologic evaluation" (yes, she said it like that...more on that later) but given her behavior in the office during the exam she feels she has made significant progress and is doing fine. Sure, she's late to the game on the whole moving thing, but the chick is moving now. Not crawling, but trying so hard. It's a matter of days, I think. In the meantime she rolls all over, spins around, scooches here and there and is generally becoming a mobile kid. She's even sleeping on her tummy now and then, which makes me oh so happy as there may be hope for my little flat head after all.

The neurologist felt the combination of her torticollis (which she will continue to need physical therapy for), her temperament/personality (she simply didn't care that the toy was over there until recently) and just generally being on the later range of normal is what made her basically a totally happy but immobile little thang early on. But now? She knows what is out there and she wants to move. Oh, and she was ahead of the game on a couple things like object permanence, which excited us very much because we were thinking she was only advanced at things like eating and drinking. Which, is more proof they transferred OUR embryo, but we were hoping for a bit more for her.

So, back to the pediatric neurologist. Why do I underline that? Well, you'd think that a pediatric neurologist would have some kind of rapport with, uh, kids. At least I would think so. Now, we are very grateful we were able to see a pediatric neurologist and super happy things went as well as they did. She was very qualified, very good. We would go back to her in a heartbeat. She's good. But "nerd" would be an understatement. Uber nerd would be close, but still not quite enough. Okay, whatever. Specialists are always a tad odd, aren't they? And who would want to be a pediatric neurologist? Bad things happen in neurology, which means bad things happen to kids in pediatric neurology. I imagine it's tough and you have to keep your distance. It just seemed odd that she had very little age appropriate interaction with Sabrina. She did a lot of staring and nodding and saying nerdy things. I'm giving props to my daughter for tolerating it so well. My poor child was clad in nothing but a diaper while being stared at for 45 minutes.

I must say, I'm getting used to not being the one without pants on in the doctor's office these days.

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Aunt Becky said...

Oh, the neurologists. OH the neurologists.

As mine--who was not a specialist in peds--explained it, there are very few ped specialists. He seemed to think that it was better that no one specialized.

He was also a spectacular asshole.

But he did a good job on her brain, so I can't bitch. I hear crappy bedside manner is common.