Friday, May 22, 2009

Babies make you fat.

I don't mean they make you fat in terms of stretching your stomach out to the point where it just will never, ever snap back. Or in terms of the 3000 extra calories a day you eat while pregnant that they say nourishes a fetus but instead clearly nourishes your ass and thighs, I'm not talking about pregnancy making you fat.

I'm talking about babies. Specifically, when babies start eating solid foods.

Why? Because their food is better than my food. Of course I'm concerned with what Sabrina eats and I have to taste it to make sure it's decent. However, sometimes tasting has turned into eating and I believe it's causing weight gain.

I'm really into the snacky stuff. I found Puffs to be delightful, until I discovered Little Crunchies:

Have you tried these?? They taste like a light Cheeto and they are divine. They're still a touch large for Sabrina, so I find myself biting them in half for her, and invariably one half ends up in my stomach as opposed to on her tray.

Then, last night, I made her a cheese quesadilla...with American cheese because it melts better and seemed like kid food. Good God, those are good. So again, one bite for her, one bite for me.

I wasn't particularly interested in her carrots.

It reminds me of pre-partying. You know, how when you're 21 and going to the bars and you have a few drinks before hand so you don't spend as much money at the bar? Which is never what happened because you would end up drunk really quickly, and instead of saving money you, in a drunken state, think it's a good idea to buy shots and hell, why not buy everyone a shot? Everyone in the bar! Or at least buy "the next round" a few times but at that point you've lost track of when you bought the last round so you just keep buying them as people take advantage of you and accept your free drinks. Remember those days? Hello?

So I'm pre-eating as Sabrina eats before us. Which means I should eat less for dinner, but I do not. As a result, I'm gaining weight, and I blame solids.

Oh, by the way. Within the past three days, Sabrina has started crawling. She has also started trying to pull herself up to a stand and is starting to cruise the furniture as well. So she's clearing making an effort to keep her weight down, while I just sit there and watch her do all of this. As I munch on my little crunchie.


Missy said...

Yep, I started with the baby bites and have moved on to stabbing his hand with a fork to get the last bite of a taco! LOL

Kelly said...

OMG have you tried the zesty tomato ones...delish! It's crazy how tasty they are...