Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 9 month old.

Sabrina turned 9 months old yesterday. I read several blogs where the mom's write monthly letters to their little ones. I've never done it, mainly because I don't want to be an obvious copy cat. But I do think they're sweet and wonderful and I'm sure their kids will appreciate their mom's writing something substantial about them, as opposed to how Sabrina will feel if/when she ever reads this blog and asks, "Did you ever talk about anything except my head or gross motor skill delays?"

But lately I've been having these weird dizzy spells and I figured that I should post something besides a bunch of smart ass crap about delays and smooshed noggins just in case I dropped dead and all Sabrina had left to get to know who I once was is this blog, and that just wouldn't put me in the best light. And now is a good time for a letter. Because let's be honest, the letter for months 4-7 would have been pretty much the same, "You really enjoy being on your back! You're not rolling at all, or moving much in general!" Warning, this will probably get mushy. Please don't think less of me. I do have a heart, I just prefer to keep it hidden.

Dear Sabrina,

I'm probably going to sound like one big cliche from start to finish, but I can't believe you are 9 months old already. It truly seems like yesterday I met you for the first time. So much has changed in 9 months, all for the better, and all because of you.

Your personality has really come out in the past couple months. You're getting quite feisty, and I love it. You're determined and stubborn. You're mischievous and very smart. You're funny and you have a good sense of humor. You have the best smiles in the world. You have your sweet smile you reserve for those that approach you and coo "Aren't you a cutie pie?" and you have what your dad and I call your Old Man Smile that you reserve for when you are really happy. I love your old man smile, but any smile from you makes me smile for hours. Luckily, you smile all the time. You're observant and social. You love kids, you love watching them. You like pretty much everyone and you love anyone who gives you lots of attention.

You have become a different child in the past two months. You are now moving so much, you can't sit still. You are rolling all over to get to a toy, you're getting into a sitting position on your own (from your tummy), which is huge, you're trying so hard to crawl forwards and you spend a lot of time on all fours trying. Just yesterday you made about four steps forward and I'm pretty sure when I pick you up this afternoon I'll hear that you have crawled quite a bit! You're sleeping on your tummy a lot, which gives you fantastic bed head like the picture in this post. You are also standing on your own while holding on to the couch and this makes you feel like a very big girl. You would prefer that everyone look at you while you stand.

You are finally getting your first tooth. It's just breaking the surface, you can't really see it but we can feel it. Unfortunately, it's the slowest growing tooth ever and it could be next month before we see it.

You love to eat, but really prefer to feed yourself. You've decided spoon feeding is for babies and aren't interested in daddy or I spoon feeding you. Instead, you want all finger foods. You are too much like your mommy and prefer carbs and cheese to everything else.

You LOVE music. You love everything about it. Right now your favorite song is "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys but you'll take pretty much anything. The Itsy Bitsy Spider is also a big favorite, especially the part when the sun comes out. That always gets a big smile. An old man one. My favorite.

We fought so hard for you. We went through hell and back and back again to become parents. We knew what we were doing, we were constantly focused on getting to where we are today. But yet, never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be this good. This easy. This natural. With our luck, I assumed we'd have a very difficult baby. We have the easiest child. You are truly the best. You wake up with big smiles and excitement and everything is good. You have made our lives complete, better and more fun than we could have ever imagined. We love you so very much, my love bug.

All my love, all my life,


Sally's World said...

the picture is too cute for words, and your letter brought tears to my eyes, so heartfelt, love it thank you for sharing it with us!

janessa said...

Love this. Love it. Goo is good every now and then ;)

But I'm expecting wit and sarcasm in the next post.

Michelle said...

So sweet. Your daughter is 100% adorable.

Anonymous said...


After reading this and realizing it was not going to be the usual sarcastic commentary our our little sweetie-pie, I felt it was appropriate to say that you are the greatest wife, mother, and partner a man could have. I am so proud to be your Husband and I know that Sabrina will be so happy to learn how lucky she is to have a Mother like you.


Jamers said...

Mushy comment from the hubby, too?! So sweet! K, take it from a fellow smart ass, it's nice to be all heartfelt and mushy sometimes! This post gives me more hope that I'll be there someday, too. Okay, back to the regular smart assness...

Lattes and Xanax said...

OK, you two are killing me. I love all three of you, but Sabrina is slowly becoming my favorite (sorry lifelong friend). And, I feel so proud when I get old man smile!!!

You are beautiful, loving parents that completely deserve what you have.