Thursday, May 14, 2009

How'd she get over there?

Parents that work often worry about missing milestones.

Not being there to see the first time their baby crawls, or hearing their first word.

Apparently Chris and I don't have to worry about that, because we miss the shit when it's right in front of our face.

Last night's example:

I'm cooking dinner. Chris is sitting on the floor next to Sabrina, who is gleefully playing with her blocks. (Seriously, gleefully. The little chick loves those blocks. They do nothing. They don't light up, stinkers don't sing, they don't move. They're blocks. And they're her favorite). Chris and I are talking.

Chris: "Work stuff, blah blah blah."
Katie: "Whatever, let's talk about MY work stuff, blah blah blah."

We go on talking to hear ourselves speak and really not paying too much attention to the other one when I say,

Katie: "Hey, how did she get over there?"

Sabrina was a good two feet from where she had been sitting.

Chris: "I don't know. Did she get on her stomach?"
Katie: "I don't think so." (Slightly alarmed that I either didn't see something happening right in front of my face or I don't remember it even though said even would have happened literally minutes before.)
Chris: "Did she scoot on her butt over there?"
Katie: "I don't think so." (Apparently the only phrase I can contribute.)
Chris: "She must have scooted!"
Katie: "WOW, she's SCOOTING!"

You see, we have no idea how she got there. Frankly I'm questioning if she moved at all and we just thought she was sitting closer to the couch. But instead of acknowledging how grossly oblivious we are, instead we proclaim she has accomplished a new milestone.

So, hey guys - guess what? Sabrina is SCOOTING!

p.s- Happy Birthday, Kyera!


Stefanie K. said...

God, you're hilarious.

Me said...

too funny. hope you get to witness said scooting next time!

Aunt Becky said...

You are my hero. I so loved this.

Sally's World said... true, we learned jordan could climb when an hour after we put him to bed he came wandering in the living room and sat as you like!!! sure enough, side of the crib still

janessa said...

LOL! Sounds like our house. We walked in the room to see Jenna standing on her rocking chair rocking it back and forth... that's how we discovered she was climbing....

Go Sabrina!