Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh, no. Not a Prius!

Question: Does the Prius go over 30 MPH?

I realize it's my fault I'm leaving late for work. Ten minutes later than I should leave. But when I pull on to the highway and see an open road in front of me. I think, yes!, clear sailing. I won't be completely late. But, then...I come upon...a Prius. My heart sinks.

Remember how the worst drivers on the road were the suburban women driving the biggest SUV they could possibly find, and how they drove the tank while talking on their phone and trying to hold their Starbucks coffee? Remember how much we all hated them? And how they could not park in between the lines in a parking spot to save their lives, so the rest of us got pinned in between these massive vehicles but these women didn't even know they were blocking anyone in because they couldn't see, nor did they care?

I don't know if the women in SUV's learned how to drive, or if they got smaller vehicles they could actually maneuver through a parking lot when gas went up to $5 per gallon, or if the Prius drivers are really so much worse than the Suburban Woman SUV driver that we no longer notice the aimless tanks, but the fact is Prius drivers have now taken over the crown for asshole of the road.

I'll admit I don't understand all of the inner workings of the Prius, back when I knew a bit about mechanics cars actually had carburetors so the Prius is most certainly foreign to me on many levels. So perhaps it's a mechanical issue, but do they not go over 30 MPH? Because if that's the case, something needs to be done about it. If it's not the case, they need to freaking MOVE. Go the speed limit, please.

I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule and some Prius drivers do indeed go the speed limit, perhaps even above it at times. There's probably some kind of Prius club, so if you're one of the decent drivers, could you talk to your fellow Prius lovers that do not know how to drive? They're giving you a bad name.

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somewhale said...

You nailed this one. I think "prius" must mean anus parade in Esperanto. I get behind slow ones all the time. Get this, they are fast cars. Really. No Shit. They take off like a bat-outta-hell.