Friday, July 24, 2009

Hair: Not the Musical

This isn't the type of thing they write about in books about parenthood, or infant developement, or even something (apparently) that is easily Google-able. But it's an important question, and I'm hoping my vetran mommy readers can help shed some light on this:

Does baby hair grow in weird directions early on and, if so, does it start growing "normal" at some point, and if so, when?

Because Sabrina's hair grows in like Adam Lambert's of American Idol:

And while I very much appreciate this is a hair style he has worked hard for and it works for him, Sabrina's hairstyle is rather involuntary and it does not work for me. I am constantly trying to brush it backwards, off of her adorable little ears and it always, within mere seconds, goes right back to this. Her hair all grows from the back forward.

Also, do they grow into their eyebrows? Sabrina's are a touch heavy.


lonek8 said...

judging from the relative lack of crazy hair walking around atop adults, I think this situation must resolve itself - or I too will have several little Adam lambert's running around. All of my kid's hair grows straight out from the crown. My oldest daughter's is also curly underneath, but only wavy ontop. makes for some really interesting hairdos - she never look slike it has been brushed, but I swear I have!

Aunt Becky said...

Ben looked like the singer from Flock of Seagulls. Alex looked like Bon Jovi. So I guess I'm saying that Sabrina obviously got off pretty easily.