Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Like Clockwork.

Disclaimer: What follows is a post discussing bowel movements. Please do not read if you are eating, or if you don't like to talk about poo. (Just putting that out there, even though we all know that everyone likes to talk about poo).

Tuesdays are physical therapy day. Which means the Physical Therapist comes to our house at 10:30am, thanks to the Early Intervention program. Which is fantastic, because Sabrina responds a million times better at home than she did in an office. But, it's a little stressful because they are in our house and while I know she's not there to judge, really, how can she not?

Coincidentally, our cat also poops on Tuesdays. And Fridays. It's like clockwork. A couple weeks ago he went two days in a row and I was convinced he was dying because it was so odd.

I'm not sure if this is normal, I'm inclined to think it's not, but I've never been a cat owner before and I just took him from a bad, mean neighbor who wasn't taking care of him, I mean it really wasn't even voluntary on many levels but anyway...I also don't know if it's normal, and I'm again inclined to think it's not, that his poop is really, really stinky and can make you gag if you're sitting on the other side of the 1600 square foot house and get a whiff of it (which, considering we used to live in a 800 square foot house you can imagine how bad that was). So it's just incredibly frustrating that he does this every Tuesday morning, not long before the physical therapist is to arrive.

To make matters worse, I tend to forget that physical therapy is on Tuesdays and make fish on Monday nights for dinner, which has a tendency to linger a bit into the next day. So Sabrina's poor physical therapist is subjected to a mixture of fish, poop and air freshener and is probably thinking, "No WONDER you only turned your head to one side, you poor thing! You were probably frozen, just wincing from the putrid smell."

But otherwise, her therapy is going well and she's right on target for where she should be.

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Sandy said...

I've had kitties all my life and I know how that poop can smell. Lol.