Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Perhaps we should have named her Violet.

Violet Beauregarde. Or for those of you that don't have Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory memorized, the kid that blows up into a huge blueberry:

Why should we re-name our dear daughter?

Because she's blowing up like Violet lately. And, it's a little unsettling.

Aren't kids supposed to thin out when they start moving around all the time? Mine is doing the reverse. (also: she's never on her back and hasn't been for months so why isn't her head rounding out like they said it would? Are we surrounded by liars, or what?).

As expected, she moved into size 9 month clothes in the spring. As expected, I spent a small fortune establishing her spring and summer wardrobe. As was not expected, she blew through those clothes in a couple months. Before I knew it, her little feet wouldn't fit in her sleepers and her onesies were looking like she had permanent wedgie.

So fine, we go and get a 12 month wardrobe. Surely that will last the rest of the season. Um, no. First time wearing one of her adorable little outfits and I notice that they are already snug.

What the hell? Panicking that yet another wardrobe will be lost, I hop on the scale to weigh her.

22.5 pounds. At (almost) 11 months old. (also: if she weighs 22.5 pounds, and I am always having to pick her up and lug her around, why aren't my arms chiseled like Linda Hamilton's in that one Terminator movie?)

Dr. Google says that's the 78th percentile for her age. She's always been more of a 50th percentile kind of gal. Now I'm worried that she has a thyroid issue or something. And I'm also worried that she's not going to wear all of the 12 month clothes we bought her, AND I'm all sorts of stressed about what size onesie to get her for her birthday party and oh my god, what if her tutu doesn't fit anymore? THEN WHAT?


Sandy said...

Just think, more chunk to love on! But seriously, I wouldn't worry too much at this age, they fluctuate a lot and she will hit a growth spurt and lengthen out a little. Have you talked to your pediatrician about it? 22 pounds at 11 months doesn't sound bad at all. Oscar is 16 pounds at only 5 months. Talk about chunk!

Shari said...

Yeah... My daughter was 23 pounds at one year. She thinned out. But I can understand the freak out.. I worried also..

and --

never you worry if her tutu doesn't fit.. I have the link for a NO SEW tutu and it take 1 hour from start to finish and that includes going to Wal Mart to buy the Tulle (not really). But it is so simple and took less than one hour to make.. and I now get to make matching tutus for ALL the stuffed animals and baby dolls.. heck that take longer than the real deal.

LuLu and Moxley's Mom said...

Don't worry! One of my identical twins is definitely chubbier than the other. My fear is this will continue on and she'll be known as "the fat twin."

Judi said...

My daughter weighed 23 lbs. 6 oz at 12 months (90%). At 18 months she weighed 25 lbs. (70%). So don't rush out and buy too many big clothes because she may slow down and not grow into them for the right season.