Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I learned on our Staycation

We recently took a (much needed) long weekend as our "staycation". What we learned:

1) The Discovery Museum was lots of fun for Sabrina:

2) Chris and I decided we would prefer to not work
  • Chris says it's wrong to plan on winning the lottery and we should not include that in our five year plan, but I disagree.
  • I think one of us should go on Big Brother. Chris is nicer and would probably make it further. However, I think I would have a better shot because I am not as nice, and people would feel comfortable bringing me to the final two and then I would totally win because people would be all, "Whoa, she was mean but the girl has got game and she totally deserves $500,000."
  • I decided against Survivor as an option because neither of us like to be hungry OR camp, and those seem to be two things that are a given on that show.
  • If anyone would like to contribute to the "Chris and Katie don't want to work anymore" fund, please email me.
3) Five days away from work didn't make me less bitter. In fact, I think I'm more bitter now.

4) We're a very cheesy family.

5) 5:45am is A LOT earlier than 7:00ish a.m. 5:45am sucks really bad.

6) I should probably upload all of the pictures from vacation before starting a blog post about said vacation.

7) Even if you don't go anywhere on vacation, you still eat like you went somewhere. Which means, you eat a lot. And don't exercise.

8) We really like Sabrina. A lot. She's fun.

9) She likes us most of the time. She loves Daddy all the time, Mommy gets the shaft sometimes and that is super lame because hello, she is one, not 12!

10) I miss vacation.


minivan soapbox said...

I would ROCK on Survivor. Except I can't eat bugs. Or watch people eat bugs. Or listen to people eat bugs. Other than that...I would TOTALLY win a million dollars.

Anonymous said...

I love this post.

janessa said...

LOVE the photo of the cheesy family!
And, FWIW, Jenna totally favors Daddy over me. All the time. When you say "Mama" to her, she replies with "Dada!!!" Gee, thanks kid.

Aunt Becky said...

Laughing my ASS off at the "cheesy family" intro to that picture. Totally not cheesy, though.

Sandy said...

Cuuuuute pictures! What a happy little family! They don't look "smart ass" at all. You're hurting your image, ha ha.