Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Freebie.

The cycle we got pregnant with Sabrina cost about $12,500.

The total cost of treatment (our out of pocket cost) for the nearly two years it took to get to that point was about $20,000.

This pregnancy? We're at about $15. One pack of pregnancy tests on sale at the regular drugstore, then two from the Dollar Tree for one dollar each (holla!).

It's like a freebie. Apparently people do this every day for free, but it's quite foreign to us.

There is something in there. A little tiny, less than a centimeter something. Pretty cute little one, actually. Heartbeat was flickering away. He or she is measuring a few days behind, but surprisingly, I don't stress about that this early. Sabrina was behind at first as well. They are so damn tiny at that point, moving the cross hair on the ultrasound the slightest bit can cause you to lose or gain a week. I know this because my RE from the clinic showed me several examples after I nearly hyperventilated when Sabrina measured about half a week behind at our first ultrasound.

Oh, and the due date? 8/30/10.

Sabrina's due date? 8/31/08.

Everything is seriously one day apart. Which I know will lead to "hmmmm, something about early December gets you guys going, huh?" ha ha nudge nudge. No asshole, the first time we weren't even there when she was conceived.

I'm about 7 weeks, and honestly, while we're happy and excited the first appointment went well, it's just the first appointment. I know I say this all the time, but we've been here before and it hasn't ended well. We'll breathe a sigh of relief if we make it past 11/12 weeks. Until then, we keep quiet, hope for the best and try not to stress. I continue to eat disgusting amounts of carbs and claim it's a pregnancy symptom, while Chris and I both know it's likely just a really good excuse for me to eat my favorite food.

My new irrational focus is that I don't want this blog to become all about the new pregnancy and leave Sabrina in the dust. So in the interest of equal time, here's my little love, all dressed up for Christmas:

I think I'll spend all day looking at this picture and enjoying her super cuteness. Because she's getting her last molar and it's making her kind of an asshole right now, and it makes dinner time really, really fun. Really.


Brakes and Gas said...

I am SOOO happy and excited for you, SAM! I will keep the good thoughts rolling your way. BTW: I am sort of OCD about numbers and the fact that the dates are so aligned gives me a thrill!

Sabrina is a complete doll! I love her Christmas dress!

A said...

Glad to hear the u/s went well!! I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed for you, your family and your little "freebie" :o)
And, Sabrina is pure cuteness in her polka-dotted dress!

Lattes and Xanax said...

I've been thinking of you for the past week and was hoping you had a wonderful, fulfilling appointment!!!

I'm so happy for the three of you and know everything's going to work out perfectly! I think (hope)it's a girl.

Seeing her in the dress is even better a second time around; damn she looked cute that day!

Much love from me to you (you, too Chris)! I'll come down in the next couple of days if ok.


Kendra said...

Sabrina is a cutie patootie in that dress!

Glad to hear that the appointment went well. Best wishes for a H&H pregnancy!

Oh, I'm totally hearing the kid's voice about 16 years from now: "why can't I have a Porche? Or a trip to Asia? Or a gold-plated dog? Think of the money I saved you! You owe me!"

Jamers said...

OMG! I know how nervous you must feel, but holy crap... this is awesome. :) Congrats & best wishes!

KandiB said...

Yay! My dream come true. So glad for you. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

minivan soapbox said...

Yippie Skippy! And cute pictures of them are the best when they are being little assholes - aren't they?

Kendra said...

And on the subject of "we weren't even there"--did you see today's post on Cakewrecks?


KK @ Running Through Life said...

Super big congrats! And yay that the u/s went well. I love S in her Christmas outfit...what a cutie!

Darlene said...

I get to read your blog every coule of weeks,,, and I never do this (leave comments, I always rant to strangers)...but I'm just sooooo hapy for you... congrats!!!