Thursday, January 21, 2010

I ate a half pound of tapioca pudding last night.

No shit, it said on the package (because I paid by the pound, of course) that it weighed 0.55 pounds.

When I finished it, I looked at Chris and said "I just ate a half pound of tapioca pudding."

He replied, "Really fast, too." Hmph.

Also, I cried watching the Bachelor and threw an internal temper tantrum like no other when I discovered that I was the only one without a tv dinner on tv dinner night. (Still bitter). (It was my fault, I order the groceries.) (Actually I think maybe I ordered it but they didn't deliver it). (One time we received a pound of salmon we didn't order so it's possible.) (And that person without their salmon is also probably still upset about it.) (I don't blame them).

And I didn't mention it here but I actually threw up over the weekend. Side note, for some reason I was under the impression that vomiting from morning sickness would be less violent than vomiting from...oh, let's just say, too much alcohol. Or a stomach flu or whatever. But apparently, I was very, very wrong about that. We'll leave it at that.

Despite all of these glaringly obvious pregnancy symptoms, I'm starting to get the crazies again.

I was fine until the ultrasound last week. Once I see that little tadpole's heartbeat, I'm doomed.

Did I mention I'm about 8.5 weeks? Which is when we lost our first baby, even though we didn't find out until a month later. So this week is especially neurotic for me.

I ordered a doppler. Again. Said I wouldn't, but I did. I can't go to my next appointment (which isn't for another 3 weeks.....AAARRRGGHH!) blind. I have to know something beforehand.

In the meantime, I keep poking at my boobs to see if they're still sore, let myself get really hungry to see if it makes me nauseous, and debate if I'm more tired than usual or just normal tired.


minivan soapbox said...

Oh...sweetie...really? You cried at the Bachelor?

Brakes and Gas said...

What does it mean that I often eat 1/2 pounds of items... and I am decidedly NOT pregnant? (I also poke my boobs occassionly, but thats just for fun).

I'm not going to tell you to relax and enjoy this time because I freaking hated being told that myself, but I will say, I am keeping really good thoughts flowing towards you and your little tadpole every day and hopefully the 1st tri will past by super quickly!

Ameena said...

Sabrina is a beautiful little girl!!

Just found your blog and I am crossing my fingers that things work out for you!

KandiB said...

I would do the doppler thing, too. Just too much stress, waiting week to week. I was a mess my ENTIRE pregnancy.

1/2 pound of pudding is nothing. It's heavy.

larissarn said...

I was also a freak during my pregnancy (no offense). I am a nurse and abot 5 times a shift I would slyly put the doppler into my pocket and go to the bathroom to listen to the heartbeat. Best of luck!