Thursday, February 4, 2010

Totally Uninspiring Post

Completely the opposite of my usual, awe-inspiring posts. Right?

I have literally had nothing to say. Actually, that's not true. I wrote a tirade about a post that pissed me off on another blog, and felt totally justified because the blogger moderated comments and only included the comments that ooohed and ahhhhhed over what she had written so I felt I was forced to respond on my blog. But then my testicles must have sucked back up into my body because I didn't have the balls to post it. Not because what I had to say wasn't brilliant (and really funny), but because it's basically calling out another blogger and that seems like crossing a line.

So you just get this blah post. About nothing.

In pregnancy news, things are going well. I think. I got my handy doppler and have heard the heartbeat, so that helps quell my anxiety. A little. But for the most part, I'm totally sane. I forget I'm pregnant most of the time. Unless someone has a beer around me because I covet the beer. I didn't miss beer much at all when I was pregnant with Sabrina (which was a huge shocker, let me tell you) but this time, I'm nearly salivating when I see a beer. Anywhere. It's pathetic. So I fill myself up on junk food and wonder why I'm so big at 10 weeks. I'll prove it to you next week if our appointment goes okay. I'm a heffer. And my boobs are gigantic. I'm waiting for someone at work to ask if I got a boob job.

In Sabrina news, she's hilarious. She's talking tons, but we only understand a few words. In her defense, neither Chris or I are all that perceptive. It has to be really clear for us to understand. Like, "mooooooo." We understand that one. We're smart like that. I can't wait for her to start talking in full sentences because I think she has some really funny shit to say.

I may have created an unhealthy habit with her, though. You see, I'm starving when I get home from work. So I have a tendency to inhale a handful or more of Nilla wafers. Not because I love Nilla wafers, but because they were there. (I've actually moved on to pickles and cheese this week). In order to distract Sabrina, I gave her one. Every day. Now she goes straight to the pantry when we get home, tries to open it, whines, and then when I pull the package out and show it to her she literally squeals, giggles and breaks out with the biggest smile in the entire world. I can't stop now. She has her one after school Nilla. Please tell me it won't turn her into a contestant for the Biggest Loser or worse, a spoiled brat.

I also have to give the cat one because he whines and whines and whines. I'm weak.


A said...

Sime times not having much to say is a good thing- no news is good news, right?! Glad to hear things seem to be going well on the PG front! And, one Nilla Wafer never hurt anyone :o)

Brakes and Gas said...

too wrote a verbose tirade about a blog (likely the same blog you wrote yours about) and ultimately decided not to send it. Though it was very funny. Hmmm. Its a shame no one gets to read our brilliance. Should we email them to each other?

As far as the NW's go. As long as you do not spread them along the floor a la hansel and gretel style so that you can chow down in peace, I think you're good. Sabrina can visit my kid at fat camp if I keep my bad behavior up!

Sabreena said...

I think you're only in trouble when you start using food to quell her emotions. Boyfriend broke up with you here's a Snickers, your toy broke here's a box of Whoppers. Other than that I think the low fat Nilla Wafer a day is more than okay. Besides, as Brakes and Gas stated Sabrina can join my boys at fat camp with all of the choco chip cookies they ingest weekly. Maybe she'll fall in love with one of them and they'll make fat unhealthy babies so the cycle may live on.

P.S.For an uninspired post it was really good.

P.P.S Who is this offesive blogger? I am inrigued.

Mom in Boyland said...

Congrats on the pregnancy. Thanks for the brutal honesty, its refreshing. I hope to be joining in on the heffer party too! Check it out.