Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Now we need a nickname.

Yesterday I had my "confirmation" appointment, presumably to "confirm" that there is still something in there. Considering we've been in the position where that confirmation was a negative, roger, the name "confirmation appointment" had me literally sweating...despite my obsession with the doppler pre-appointment.

They don't use the doppler at this appointment since I'm only 11 weeks and apparently they are not as good at it as me, since I can find the heartbeat with my rent-a-doppler rather easily. Most of the time. But I'll take an ultrasound anytime I can get one, especially now that I'm not an infertility patient anymore and they are fewer and far between than I'm used to.

Good news, it's still there! Heart beating nice and fast, apparently sleeping for the first part of the ultrasound, until he/she finally moved. Which the doctor called a wave, but I know from Sabrina that's no wave - that's a covering the eyes move she always employed and was very much a " I am SLEEPING" reaction. Very much like his or her sister already.

Now we need a nickname. We've been very cautious up to this point, and now that we've made it past the 11 week mark with a heartbeat, it's time to give the little one a name - until we find out the sex. Sabrina's nickname was Viver, short for Survivor, and it stuck. Until we found out she was a girl, then it seemed rather masculine. So we started calling her by name at that point.

I initially adopted Freebie as the nickname, but Chris hates it and it's no fun having a nickname by yourself. I considered Dos, as in number 2, but I couldn't say Dos without adding Equis, and a nickname after a beer seems inappropriate. Number 2 is out for obvious reasons. Hopefully they're obvious.

So, my friends in the computer...any suggestions for a nickname for the next couple months??


SwishDesigns said...

Yay for good news and great appointments! For nick names, I suck at nicknames. I only come up with "obvious" ones rather than clever ones (sticky, grady (for graduate), roger, etc.). I know - totally lame!!!

Kelly said...

Yay for good a good appointment!

I like Dos, but I also LOVE Freebie. I am lame and call this one #2...but like a 13 year old boy laugh everytime I say it.
And Dos Equis would be appropriate if #2 is another girl...but if it's a boy you'd have to change the nn.

WineCountryWife said...

Awesome news!
As for nicknames. . .Sequel! lol Saw it on STFU parents blog as a real name, and thought it was horrible, but as a nickname, hilarious. :)

Kendra said...

Sib or The Sib, short for sibling. Deux to sound French and klassy. (And less like beer, I guess. I do kind of like Dos Equis though!) Connie, since she/he has passed the confirmation appointment. (It's a guy's nickname too, a la Mad Men.)

Seriously, congrats on another milestone. Totally rooting for you all, whatever nickname you come up with!

A said...

Congrats on the great u/s and everything continuing to look good!!! I also love "freebie" :o)
I'm no good with nicknames either- all I can offer is Deuce... or Lucky... ?

saundra said...

Congrats again!
I am unoriginal, but I like the Sib and the Deux suggestions.

JoJo said...

I vote for Sequel. Too funny!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Congrats on a great appointment! I like Sequel!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the awesome news and milestone!
-Fritos? It has both the "free" and kinda "dos." I'm a total nicknamer but they are always odd.
-Thing 2 ala Cat in the Hat?
-Dosbabies so it's not dos equis but means 2 babies which you will have but not 2 babies like you'll grow a 2nd
-Freebabee but you can only say it with a French accent
And my final entry.....
-Lucky Charms

minivan soapbox said...

Since it's your 'second' kid...You could go with "Sec"...or "Ond"...but that just sounds stupid. :) How about "Bunny" for bun in your oven.

Anonymous said...

Definitely "Freedos." It has both of what you want to say.

(and congrats again!)

sara said...

Congrats! That is freakin awesome :-) Hmmm...I suck at nicknames. I do like something along the lines of Free like you were saying because that just makes me smile :-)