Monday, March 8, 2010

How do you get the smell of vomit out of carpet?

Because eeeeewwww, that really smells bad.

Sabrina had her first real bought with the stomach flu over the weekend. Poor love was vomiting a lot. But the saddest part of the story was about Chris.

For some odd reason - really, the timing was uncanny - Chris was the only one that was vomited on, and the only one cleaning up vomit for two straight days. Now, if you read this blog or know us in real life, it's not terribly surprising because really, this is a pretty good generalization of how we are regarded, and to be honest, how we really ARE:

(And oh ma gawd, how appropriate is it that I'm wearing black and he's wearing white?? He's really a Saint, isn't he? Also? I do realize my horn is poking his eye out, and I'M SORRY but there wasn't much I could do about it without spending hours editing the picture and I simply don't have that kind of time.)

But, even I felt bad for him being the recipient of vomit after vomit, so you know it was really bad. It truly was bizarre, I would hand her over to him to get something real quick and blech - all over him. Then I was trying to get her changed and calmed down while he would get out the towels and carpet cleaner and clean up the mess.

Not to mention, our cat started off Saturday morning with a bang and five vomits himself, which Chris cleaned up clearly not knowing that would be his role for the next couple days.

So really, at one point she projectile vomited in her bedroom all over the floor and we thought we got it out but the scent does kind of linger. I put baking soda down yesterday which did seem to help but my super pregnancy nose still smells it. We do plan to get the carpets cleaned soon, but I was hoping to wait until it stopped raining so they could, you know, DRY in a reasonable amount of time.

I know there are parents out there that are old hands at getting the smell of vomit out of carpet. Help?


A said...

I don't have personal experience using anything on vomit (thank goodness, but I know my time will come!), but have you tried Biokleen's Bac-Out? It has done a good job on other organic stains and smells...

Hope Sabrina is feeling better and that no one else gets sick!!

Ava said...

I would try Anti-Icki Poo. It's for pet and human "stuff". It breaks down the enzymes that cause the stinkiness.

minivan soapbox said...

For some reason EVERY time my kid throws up - she throws up on my husband. I have no idea why. It's like she has him on radar. It's a bit strange. For the smell...Try some OxiClean...I used to use it when I had a dog...May help.

emeraldwednesday said...

My go-to is Natures Miracle but my guess is that the cleaner Ava mentioned is similar. Enzymes, enzymes! GL and I hope S feels better soon.