Friday, March 26, 2010

My internet friends are wicked smart.

Once again, y'all got it right - we're having a BOY!

And most importantly, everything checked out great on the ultrasound and blood work. No evidence of any heart problems or any other birth defects or abnormalities, and the second half of my screening blood work actually lowered our chances even more so we declined an amnio. The genetic counselor had told us that if the ultrasound was clear and the follow up blood work continued to be screen negative, that there was about a 1% chance of something being wrong but not detected through those methods. Given that an amnio isn't 100% (nothing is ever going to tell you for sure what will happen) and my irritable uterus probably wouldn't take kindly to a needle being poked in there right now, we have decided we have enough information for now.

And, my cervix is longer than it ever was with Sabrina, let alone where I was with her at this point. We're very optimistic that I'll stay off of bed rest for this pregnancy. Sure I'll have regular contractions and have had them since early on, but as long as there is no cervix change, that's okay. I may even get to see my OB monthly instead of weekly! I think this must be what a normal pregnancy feels like. Very odd!

We are elated that everything looks good so far, and so happy and excited to add a baby brother to our family. I was explaining it all to Sabrina on the drive home yesterday, telling her about her baby brother and how she will be the best big sister ever (because she truly will, I believe) and she suddenly started doing this weird breathing thing. I turned around and said, "Are you having a panic attack???" and she started laughing. She's hilarious.


A said...

So happy that everything is looking good, and a little boy~ how exciting!! Way to go Lucky :o)

Kendra said...

So thrilled to hear the good news! And wow, a baby brother for Sabrina! How cool! And just gotta say: go cervix! :) Congrats all around.