Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh. I get it now.

Several years ago, I decided I was probably a genius and as such, should probably join some genius club or organization. Be with my peeps, you know?

The only club I knew of was Mensa. So, like most geniuses would, I googled "how do I join MenZa?" And Google? The smart ass we all know it can be? Responded with, "Do you mean MenSa?" I had the sound turned off but I'm pretty sure there was giggling.

Clearly not even being able to spell the organization didn't bode well for my chances to become a charter member, so I abandoned my research at that point.

Shortly after Sabrina was born, someone gave us "Goodnight Moon" as a gift. I was thrilled, as I knew it was a must have for baby/toddler libraries. That was all I knew about it. So when I actually read it, I was dumbfounded. What was the appeal of this book? It sucked and made absolutely no sense, and I also found it rather creepy. Old lady whispering hush? Goodnight mush? Those bears sitting at chairs? Not normal.

I heard people around me talking about how part of their nighttime routine with their little ones was to say goodnight to everything in the room, a la "Goodnight Moon." Mmmmkkkay, freaks. You have a mouse and cows jumping over the moon in your room? The book made zero sense to me. I hated it.

Recently Sabrina has been choosing it as one of her bedtime stories. No clue why. And loving it. No clue why. So I've been reading it to her upon request. Last night, I actually paid attention to the beginning of the book, and you want to hear something crazy? All that weird shit they say goodnight to? Is really in the room! The red balloon, the creepy old lady, the mush, the bears sitting on chairs (a painting), mittens, kittens - it all makes sense now! It's all in there and we say goodnight to each thing before the end of the book.

I am so fucking smart. You listening Menza???

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nmaha said...

The book does sound creepy. Will make sure I never get it for my daughter. Though we do say gnite to the weirdest of things :-)