Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The time has come. I had to take off my rings. I'm able to keep my wedding band on since it's a little big for me, but my engagement ring had to go, as well as a god-awful ugly ring I've been sporting for the last several months.

That god-awful ugly ring was my gramma's. It's a cluster of garnets (with a couple missing) made to look like flowers. It's rather hideous. I'm not sure she even liked it, but after she passed I ended up with it. She called them her rubies. After our pathetic egg retrieval during our IVF that resulted in the awesome Sabrina, I started wearing my gramma's sapphire earrings for good luck. I wouldn't take them off for the entire pregnancy because I was superstitious that if I did, something would happen. Did I mention I think sapphires are rather ugly, and particularly ugly against my pale Irish skin?

This time, since this pregnancy wasn't planned like our IVF cycle, I forgot put on a piece of her jewelry. Until our NT scan where we learned things could be bad. Then I put on the ring. And now I have had to remove it, and it freaks me out a bit.

How about you? Any superstitions you're a little too dependent on?

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Brakes and Gas said...

I kept a dime I found the day of my first pg doctor appointment in my shoe until Eloise was 5 months old. If DH had not found out and berated me about passing my OCD on to our daughter, it would still be there. I get you. :)