Friday, August 13, 2010


Five years ago today....

I got my make up done.

I was tied into my wedding dress.

I ran from the safety of the limo to the room at the church to avoid being seen. Do you see the crowds of people I was avoiding? Yeah, me neither.

My husband to be and his groomsmen took time before the ceremony to reflect on the big day with maturity and wisdom.

Clearly he was taking this day very seriously.

Thankfully he was able to regain some composure for the ceremony.

After which we ran out of the church excited to start the party. The real reason we were there, you know?

Speeches were given by our closest friends and loved ones.

That made me cry. Thankfully I had a gigantic bright pink napkin at the ready just in case.

We had our first dance as husband and wife. Pretty much no one watched. Whatever.

The real dancing started and the party didn't stop from there. I owned the dance floor.

I took to throwing my hands in the air for most songs. Obviously others thought it was cool so they started doing it, too.

Meanwhile my husband showed concern for the health of our guests. His wife included.

My husband went missing for a while, I found out later where he was.

We reconnected and were able to finally party together.

I paused to let our photographer capture a memory for us. I smiled sweetly. My husband decided to take a different approach.

We danced some more.

And lived happily ever after.

Five years ago today I married not only my best friend, but the best person I know. The best husband and father, the best man I have ever met. Chris is unconditionally supportive of me, always loves me despite the fact that I am a rather big bitch a lot of the time. He's amazing with Sabrina and will be twice as amazing with two. He was born to be a father. People adore Chris, and for good reason. I adore him and love him more every day. Happy anniversary, my love.

(Also? Please consider this blog post your anniversary present. I'm not getting a paycheck right now, you know.)


Anonymous said...

To my amazing wife,

That day brings back so many great memories (and I apologize for the completely inappropriate pictures...what can I say, you got me drunk). I am so proud to be your husband. I also hope you know that you are adored by so many people. I am so happy with the life we have created together...I Love You!!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!

Aunt Becky said...


Happy (belated) anniversary. These pictures CRACKED me up.


Faith, the Authoress said...

DAMN, that was adorable! And that Anonymous dude up there, he seems really into you...has Chris seen that comment? Sheesh.

Alison said...

Beautiful Katie! And you made a very beautiful bride!!