Monday, September 27, 2010

The first few weeks.

I'll be honest.

Life with a toddler who suddenly decided horrible temper tantrums were a good way to spend an afternoon, a newborn who likes to complain A LOT, and a husband who gets his panties in a wad when I innocently ask why every single pair of shoes he owns squeaks on the hardwood floors is a little hard at times. There have been a couple occasions when I might have even lost my temper. I know, it's shocking.

Travis spent most of the first couple weeks looking like this.

Which meant that I looked very similar to him because ohmygawd, I can't handle the screaming. It's much harder with number two...their novelty wears off a lot earlier and I think I expect more of him for some reason. Sabrina was overall a pretty mellow baby. She had her fussy times, but she was consolable. Travis often was not. Is not still, some days.

Because I believe in drugging newborns, we got him on acid reflux meds STAT. He started doing a little better on them, and things were looking up but his dose was super low so he basically relapsed and drove us nuts again. But his AH-mazing pediatrician just increased his dosage so we're hopefully back on track to quietish-ville. I like it better there.

Despite the screaming, he does have his moments of cuteness.
He's even starting to smile once in a very blue moon, and I look forward to lots more of those. I'm so much better when there is some interaction instead of just a blob of newborn.

Sabrina had a bit of a tough time at first, but is doing a lot better. She's adored "T" from the start, it was us she seemed to develop a distaste for.

She likes to be near him. A lot.

Notice the cups on the tray of his swing? Those are what I refer to as Sabrina's offerings. She's constantly bringing him something.

Six weeks was a big turning point for Sabrina and I'm really hoping Travis follows in his sister's footsteps. Only two and a half more weeks to go. In the meantime? Lots of bouncing, rocking, hair dryer next to the swing, shhhhhhhhing and enjoying those very brief but very cute smiles.

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Mommy Moreno said...

oh man - got a screamer huh?? Brooklyn was ours and adding 'little bro' to the mix only amplified things.
I love her 'offerings' - I think they are patiently waiting for teh day that their little brothers will be of any use ;0)

Hope the up'd dose helps!!