Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'd be mortified if I got in a car accident.

I took the advice of my friends in the computer and purchased granny panties to help cope with the pain recovering from a c-section. The incision is so low all of my underwear laid right on top of the incision...which, incidentally, hurts pretty fucking bad for the first few days and is still super sensitive and sore to this day. I find it annoying.

But I really had no knowledge of the different levels of granny panties, and since I was hurting so badly when I purchased them I made sure they were super granny so they wouldn't come near the incision.

So I got these.

If the picture isn't clear enough for you, these things go way past my belly button. They're damn near my boobs. That really isn't necessary but I didn't know there was underwear out there that wouldn't bother the incision that didn't land in the upper level of my torso. So, I have these. And I'm still wearing them most days because everything still hurts. And if I got in a car accident, I would be absolutely mortified to be found wearing these things.

Also? I purchased them off of Amazon because with Travis in the NICU and a toddler at home I had zero time to go to stores and peruse the geriatric underwear selections. So now Amazon is recommending some really ugly shit to me thanks to this purchase.

All part of my personal c-section recovery.


Linda said...

Oh my...those are cute! Throw them damn things away as soon as they serve their purpose. LOL

Sorry, I just had to reply to this post..
Oh..The things we have to go through all in the name of Women/Motherhood.
Men have it made don't you agree?

Here's to a speedy recovery! ;)


Mason's Mommy said...

Wow! Those are pretty extreme Granny. LOL! I hope you start to feel better soon... for all our sakes!