Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There are numerous things around my house that could impale my genitalia.

But you don't see me blaming the manufacturer for that, do you?

Yet another recall involving baby/kids items was announced today. This time 2 million Graco strollers because yet again, people did not use the stroller properly (by um, not strapping their kid in the harness) and 4 children have died. I think it's tragic these children died, especially since they died because someone chose not to use the harness to strap them in that is specifically there to keep them from sliding out of the stroller. Clearly these were accidents that did not need to happen, and could have been easily prevented. But it's not the manufacturers fault.

A couple weeks ago Fisher Price announced a recall of over 10 million items, including these tricycles. Why? See that little plastic key? A kid could fall on it just right and impale their genitalia. Why yes, I can see how that could happen. Just glancing around my office right now I see many things that if I fell on just right would impale my genitalia as well. Therefore, I am careful about where I put my genitalia. Now, I understand a 3 year old may not be as cognizant of where their genitalia is or is not, but I really don't think Fisher Price needed to recall the bike because of this chance.

I mean, really. How many of us girls out there broke our hymen on a bike when we were kids? Pretty much all of us that rode bikes, probably. No one recalled bikes.

Another part of that Fisher Price recall was a high chair that had a peg that stuck out on the bottom and people could trip over it so it was recalled. Holy shit, we're recalling potentially tripping hazards? I don't know about your 2 year old, but mine trips over air. Constantly.

And now no drop side cribs will be sold in this country pretty much ever again. As a short mom, this sucks. I really need the drop side for when the mattress is on the lowest position, I honestly can't reach them otherwise. We have a dropside, that was eventually recalled. I did order the kit to make it not drop anymore. But I haven't installed it. I have a hard time doing that when our crib has been perfectly fine and we didn't assemble ours with duct tape. Like one of the families did that brought a claim against the drop side manufacturers.

Remember when everyone was a buzz about the woman who sued McDonald's because she dropped her coffee on her lap and it was hot? Everyone was shocked you could sue for your own clumsiness. It seems now something like that wouldn't phase anyone.

We've become such a litigious country that reputable companies are spending millions and millions recalling products that aren't dangerous - it's just the parents that are idiots. It used to be that a recall was some serious shit. Now I ignore half of them because they all recently seem to be user error.

Read the directions. Use shit properly. Stop the ridiculous, unnecessary recalls.


The GVZ's said...

I agree with you completely. Although, I do have to stand up for the McDonald's lady...the reason she won her case (and really, the reason sh had a case in the first place) was because the particular cup of coffee she was served through the drive through was heated to twice the temp that coffee is supposed to be. It wasn't her clumsiness, it was that the coffee was really, really fucking hot (the temp the pots in that particular restaurant were set to violated all kinds of regulations and standards-there had been reports of burns before yet they did nothing to lower the temp of the coffee). The coffee was so hot that it burned through her clothes and skin and caused burns so severe IN HER VAGINA that she needed skin grafts. It is one of those cases that they make you read in law school to show how public perception can turn a legit tort action into an urban legend.

Kelly said...

Amen! and LMAO at the broken hymen comment...I about died!

Rachel said...

Couldn't agree more! Well said!

A said...

Soooo, I finally had some time to catch up on the blogs and of course I am nearly crying from all your smartassness ;o) The past few posts are too funny- except for T's colicky behavior, of course! I know you listed all the things you have tried for him, but didn't see infant probiotics... just a thought in case you hadn't tried them yet (and sorry if my sleepy eyes missed it!).
Thanks for the guaranteed laughs, they are much appreciated!!!

Ashley said...

OMG. This is probably the best blog post I have ever read. Everything I have ever though was written here. Awesome. BTW, I found you by lurking on the NorCal board on the bump. I am from NorCal but had a Destination Wedding and have only occasionally posted on the NorCal board. but I will continue to read your blog.