Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who is this child?

When did my little baby turn into a little girl? Isn't she the cutest thing ever? Wait, wait. She's even cuter with BRAIDS!

Nevermind that she isn't looking at the camera. I'm sure there was an episode of Phineas & Ferb on the television to distract her. Which, incidentally, I do realize is not age appropriate for her, but it's really fucking funny. And I need a break from that god damn Caillou.

Sabrina went through a bit of an...ahem...phase after Travis was born but she seems to have come out the other side even more fabulous than before. She is suddenly talking up a storm now, too. Of course no one can understand her besides Chris and I, but the point is she is talking. My favorite is "come on!" and "let's go!".

She is positively the cutest and really the only thing getting me through the days with screaming Travis. It is so hard to not only have to ensure constant crying and screaming, but to not have the opportunity to engage or interact with your baby - because if he's awake, he's unhappy. Yesterday he actually had a decent day and we had a few moments where he was awake and calm and able to "play" with me. Which almost makes it worse, knowing what you're missing. Since today we went right back to the crying game.

We've tried everything at this point, including seeing a chiropractor for cranial-sacral work. Which in our experience translated to paying a shit load of money for him to simulate Travis going through the birth canal that he never got to go through because he was a c-section.


Look, I'm a big fan of combining Eastern and Western medicine. I think they often can compliment each other which is what I was doing in this case. Travis saw his pediatrician, got a full check up and was diagnosed again with bad reflux and colic from digestion issues. Since Travis remains all crunched up and in fetal position most of the time, I knew he'd benefit from a qualified chiropractor as well. And it's not that this guy isn't qualified, he's very well known and respected for his cranial-sacral work. And it's not that I don't think it would help, it's just that I have a hard time not giggling when a grown man is holding my infant son upside down and telling him it's okay, he's not stuck this time, he can go through...and a hard time not crying when I see how much I was charged for it.

Our last resort is changing formulas one more time, to the most expensive freaking formula on earth. Which, with our luck, will be the golden ticket. Because Sabrina cost us a fortune in getting here, and now Travis is going to cost us a fortune in his own way. Because our kids can be mean. I have no idea who they get that from.

Even if we have to file bankruptcy to afford to feed Travis, if it makes the crying stop, it will be worth it. Between his crying and the neighbors dog that won't stop fucking barking, I may lose my shit sooner than later. But also, I hate seeing him like this. His tummy really hurts. He's a little over 6 weeks old and he should be interacting with us, smiling, enjoying himself when he's awake and his little life so far has just not been fun for him at all.

Granted he might be a little dramatic about the discomfort, but he is a male so what do we expect?


Anonymous said...

Was there a reason you didn't breastfeed. Sounds like you could've saved a lot of suffering and money...

Faith, the Authoress said...

Please tell me that you guys have some wine and/or beer once both of them go down for the night?!

Ava said...

Sometimes breastfeeding for some people is not a choice. Not everyone can, as sad as it is.

Second, even if one is able (and chooses to) nurse, allergies to mom's diet can also be problematic and it can take weeks/months to figure out exactly what the offending food or foods may be. From one mom who tried a full-on elimination diet (to soothe a constantly shrieking child), after you cut out the dairy, the gluten, the green leafy veggies, the citrus, the acidic foods, the soy (because some kids are allergic to soy), the nuts, the onions, what are you really left with? Meat. And as much as I am a true carnivore, I just can't eat meat alone 3 times a day... not to mention that THAT type of diet does a number on your supply which begs the question of why breastfeed in the first place.

So... if SmartAssMom wants to share her choices in nursing/not, up to her, but unfortunately nursing is not the only way to fix this.

SmartAssMom, I'm hoping that after the 6 week growth spurt things will get a little easier (maybe if you're lucky go away altogether). BUT, pending that:
- work with your pedi on adjusting Travis' meds. No joke Prevacid was awesome for us. Turns out that your body has something like 3 ways of producing acid. Zentac only turns off one of those production mechanisms, and Prevacid does all 3. We had a lot of luck with his
- keep him upright as much as possible. Bouncy chair, swing, carrier, but avoid the car-seat.
- even when you are changing his diaper, put a book under the changing pad or something so he's never flat on his back
- when you feed, again, keep him as upright as possible
- have you tried the sound of a blow-drier right up to his ear? This is no permanent fix, but it provided some sanity in our home.
- any of the 5 S's from Dr. Karp work?

Aside from this, I'll keep thinking for ideas, but yeah. You're living my life of October 2008. I feel for you!

Anonymous said...

I am aware that it is not always easy, even breastfeeding, however, I think their chances are much better when they are receiving what their little bodies are meant to digest. At least at that point, you know tried the best option first, and it wasn't your choice that is making them suffer. I wasn't meaning it in a derogatory way, I was just asking, as I didn't even consider another feeding choice.

April K. said...

So sorry that you're having such a rough time right now...hopefully the new (freakishly expensive) formula will work. When my daughter was in the NICU they put her on Protonix and, let me tell you, that shit is AMAZING. She stopped having issues at around 7-8 weeks so hopefully little Travis will, too.

Mom and Wife said...

This is Libby and if anon is too much of a pussy to even use a name then it shows how much weight their thoughts should be given...

Anyways check and see if your insurance will cover the nutragmin (I assume thats the formula)

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of the same issues with my oldest when he was born. Turns out he was allergic to dairy....not lactose, but Dairy. Have you looked into that? Hang in there.