Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not so smug anymore

Last year, at Christmas time, we had a toddler that was new to toddling.

She'd been walking for a few months, but was surprisingly not too interested in Christmas decorations.

However we decided to interpret her lack of interest, and therefore lack of touching, grabbing and breaking things as a testament to our awesome parenting and discipline skills.

Or skilz.

I knew several people with kids our age that just decided against a tree because their kids couldn't keep their hands off of them. This was not a problem for us. Smug.

A mother with a toddler close to Sabrina's age was visiting one day and inquired, "How do you keep her away from the tree and ornaments?"

"Well, we just tell her no, " I replied. Chris and I exchanged smiles. Or smirks. Smug.

This year? Not so smug. That same toddler is very interested in the tree. VERY interested in the ornaments. Has been told no numerous times. Has endured numerous time outs as a result of blatantly ignoring being told no.

The tree has been up for one day.

Broken ornament count: 1. So far. Three weeks until Christmas, I am forecasting that all ornaments within reach will be broken.


Anonymous said...

ROFL. Yeah. I'm waiting to see how many get broken this year. Trust me. It doesn't matter how old they are. At 1 they accidentally knock it over, At 2 they try to climb the tree and the ornaments break, At 3 they want to "help" and the ornaments get broke. Above that age, it is usually the football or skateboard that broke them. Good Luck

4timesblessed said...

Yeah, I have adapted... After four children the top of the tree is breakable ornaments and the bottom half are plastic and kid made ornaments. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

How is Travis?