Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from the Cookie Monster

Okay, so the title was going to be "Merry Christmas from the Cookie Monster!" but then I realized today is New Year's Eve and I'm just a tad late posting about Christmas, so I thought I'd just segue into New Years, but with the same topic.

It all worked out well in my head.

In my defense, I have been really sick. Yes, it's JUST a cold but it's the worst cold in the entire world, ever and I hate it.

Back to the cookie monster.

Christmas was merry and jolly in our house, but it also created a bit of a monster. Specifically, a cookie monster. Let me explain.

Like good little sheep, we did what everyone does and put some frozen cookie dough on a cookie sheet made some cookies for Santa.

We then put said cookies on a plate next to the fireplace for Santa to eat the cookies. When he comes down the chimney, the man is hungry. Get it?

Even though Sabrina is 16 months old, we felt it was important for her to see that Santa ate her cookies. At least some of them, I mean come on - the man goes to how many houses? And everyone has cookies? He simply cannot eat them all.

So he takes a couple bites.

Sabrina awoke to find these cookies where she hangs out and watches her morning dose of Sprout, which inevitably somehow means Calliou is on which makes me want to pound my head into the wall, but since it was Christmas I tried to avert my eyes and concentrate on the important stuff: the gifts (of course).

By turning my back for just a moment, it gave her the opportunity she was waiting for.

The cookie monster prevailed. Unbeknownst to us, this little one really likes chocolate chip cookies.

Like, really, really likes cookies.

Which made for a ridiculous cute photo shoot, however, she is now screeching and pointing to the cookie plate whenever she spots it. Which is not so cute. And a touch concerning.

Hope everyone has a fabulous New Year!


minivan soapbox said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas - but sorry about the hellish cold. Happy New Year!

janessa said...

I love it! So... she's into veggies and cookies, right? Could care less about fruit. Sounds like my cookie monster :)