Thursday, August 5, 2010

Because sometimes you have to use the bathroom...

I started maternity leave this week. In California, you get up to 4 weeks prior to your due date and I was all for it. Granted my OB insisted, but by the time 36 weeks rolled around I was quite happy to stop working. It was stressing me out beyond belief, I was getting nothing done at home to prepare for #2, and I wanted to spend some alone time with Sabrina before her sibling arrives.

Of course Sabrina promptly got sick on day 1 and has been less than her happy, sunny self all week.

But? Even though I've said a million times I am not cut out to be a stay at home mom, I've actually been great this week. I'm not counting the minutes until Chris gets home so I can get a break. I'm not losing my patience or wishing I could get some stuff done. I'm not doing anything but loving my time with Sabrina, even though she's been a bit of a pill due to the cold.

Today I took a quick bathroom break from installing safety latches on a couple drawers and came back to find this:

Yes, I had left her alone coloring with markers. I'm 9 months pregnant and had to pee.

She was very proud of herself. Incidentally, I found it adorable.

(Note, I was installing new safety latches on a couple drawers because this morning, during another bathroom break, I came back to find her with an enormous pair of scissors appearing to try to cut her eyeball out).

Better get back to her, there is an ominous silence coming from the family room right now....


JoJo said...

Your blog always makes me laugh and Sabrina is adorable....even with marker on her face :)

minivan soapbox said...

Ugh. Safety latches. I hated those the time i got around to putting them on...she was old enough to not need them anymore. Now they drive me crazy because I can't open my own cabinets! :)

Alison said...

OMG great pic! Happy maternity leave!

Kelly said...

So cute!
I hope you're enjoying your maternity leave!